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Thank you - it was the driver problem. I found that none of the suggested fixes worked exactly for me. So, just keep trying - I found this one the most helpful:

I purchased FPV Freerider over 3 years ago and it's always worked great, Last night I was running it with no problems for about 10-15 minutes and it just stopped - the quad will not take off when I raise the throttle. I have tried everything simple - rebooted the app, rebooted my PC, rebooted the Taranis. Tried 3 different USB cables. When I connect the USB and select USB Joystick I  get the same 4 tones as always. But no response to the sticks when I go into the app. I tried recalibrating the sticks in the app (Taranis shows stick movement as normal), but nothing happens on the 1st calibration page - the dots don't show anything when I hit OK, and the second page (adjustments) also doesn't move.

ANY suggestions appreciated!