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Hello! I recently got into golf and wanted to play this game because it looked super cool. I booted up the game and was met with 2-5 fps :(. I tried going into options to change the graphics but was met with a crash. I'm running this on 12.4 MacOS Monteray 2017 Macbook  and was wondering if there is any way to open options and optimize my setup. I also tried playing the tutorial, and was met with 2-5 fps again. Thanks!

This has existed before, so it's not that original :P

This game is super fun! Any chance it will be available for mac?

Awesome game! I managed to beat the whole thing, but would play more if you made an endless mode or levels

extremly fun and addictive :)

49 is my pb damn

Looks fun, but the browser isn't working for me and i'm on mac so I can't download the game :(

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YESS DID IT (the fish is a lie)

Awesome! I would love to play the sequel when it's finished :)

HMMMMM maybe it is where the "no fish" sign is...I will try that

Fun but I literally can't find the fish ANYWHERE

Very fun, although I kept getting stuck in the same situation. I would fight another pigeon and we would both run out of food, thus getting stuck in an endless loop of doing 0 damage. You should probably fix or nerf this somehow as I have had to restart the game several times due to that issue. Other than that, great game!

Super fun, a little bit grindy at times though.

very fun but I wish there was save states. I after playing the game for half an hour I kept dying and having to redo the entire thing, and is the guardian lady at level 5 even able to be killed?


Hii 👋

Its wayyyy too inconsistent with the lag. I tried playing this and it just was too laggy. Im in a macbook pro, so I shouldn't have any trouble with the lag. Smh