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Thank you so much! A print version is the works, I'll send out an update post about it when its avalible for pre-order. Thank you again!

No mechanical benefits! :)

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Slots are the amount of things they can hold, they work the same as adventurers :)

Can I use the SVGs in commercial projects?


Thankyou! New update soon, with a masssssive update to spelling and grammar thanks to lots of lovely volunteers on the AU discord!

Thankyou! Fixed for next update! :D

Can't wait to watch it!

A lot of the cards are meant to be abstract and not literal. Use your imagination on what they could be, or feel free to take them out and replace them :)

Card Template files are blank cards to make your own designs
Monster Bash Vol2 files are all the cards we've drawn ourselves.
A4 and Letter are the two paper sizes different countries use, it depends on where you're located which one to download. If you're in the USA use Letter.

Thank you, that's great. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Very excited to hear a better system is being discussed. Feel free to get in contact if I can offer any further contribution, would happily join the discussion.

Hi, my name is Trent, I've used for a long time first making indie games and now as a platform to distribute suppliments for Pen and Paper RPGs (Like Dungeons and Dragons and Wargaming (like Warhammer).
I've used because its the absolute best platform for the job, its non-intrusive, is simple to navigate, and easy to download from. It includes pay-what-you-want options and users can follow me for updates.
There are services avalible like drivethrurpg dedicated to this but they require you to go through a slow check out for products and take a fixed 30% commission on sales. is the best platform I've ever used for distribution.
I'd love a category section for Pen + Paper stuff and Wargaming, so users can find similar stuff and it might encourage other like minded individuals to use the platform too.
Thanks for your consideration.