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This doesn't feel like a game. I thought I'd get a chance to laugh, but it just made me feel bad. Also the version for women seeking men was terribly inaccurate

Aha, that explains it!

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Finally finished the game. Compared to the amount of retreading I had to do, walking the same rooms over and over, I think the ending was not worth it =_=

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How do checkpoints work in Blanche true? I was tapping buttons to figure out which was was load or save, and hit Q resulting in quitting the game. When I loaded it back up, I was back at the start, instead of in the FIRE room. =_=

Along the same lines, every time I died I ended up back at the beginning, with all the keys and coins back in their original locations.

Starting back at the beginning after reaching the princess is super punishing.

How does one play the game? I don't see it or a download link.