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How do checkpoints work in Blanche true? I was tapping buttons to figure out which was was load or save, and hit Q resulting in quitting the game. When I loaded it back up, I was back at the start, instead of in the FIRE room. =_=

Along the same lines, every time I died I ended up back at the beginning, with all the keys and coins back in their original locations.

Starting back at the beginning after reaching the princess is super punishing.

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Apologies for the late reply, we have been a little busy recently.

BLANCHE TRUE is the original version, in which there are no checkpoints, intended to give the game a greater level of difficulty, and a greater challenge for people who enjoy that sort of thing - It may be punishing, but early video games were often like that.

There are no Load or Save options.

Aha, that explains it!