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Nice game, but have lot of bugs.

1. Do not remember resolution. Back to menu changes resolution for default mode (FullHD fullscreen).

2. Cannot re-start game.

3. I've explored Earth from Wood and cannot play more. After few seconds the game freeze :-/ Manually exploring empty resources freezes everytimes.

4. After exploring Earth from Wood, nothing can be gathered (no Coal, Oil), but manually only Wood is gathered. Strange.

5. "Advanced Technology" unlock travel to Mercury and Mars. But Mercury needs "Super Technology", only Mars can be explored at this achievement

6. After game freeze, I started game again, loaded from previous auto-save, but.... all planets (except Earth) are inaccessible, cause not explored. No mines avaialbe (x0), but I had some on them. Level 9 but looks like first level.

7. Looks like auto-explore do not increase XP or very, very slow, only manual clicks gain the real progress.

8. After few minutes auto-explore not works. It stays, must only click on planet (ex. Venus). But always maunall click is impossible to earn money for Jupiter (buy upgrades for click if possible and then sell after planet has been explored).

Please fix all those bugs, because at this moment this game in not-playable and annoying.

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Nice game, but... 1. when you don't have enough coins buttons should be red or greyed (when no colors in game). To show that option is unavailable. 2. what is worth "Deal Upgrades". It costs more than new car! It would be better to show in this column amount of cars and upgrade levels. Upgrade can calculated per all sort of car (ex. 3 SUV, updated 100c so you need 300c to upgrade to level 2). 3. Change printed costs to human readable (K,M,G/B) 4. It look like CPS are wrong. I have observed and calculated it - it counts lower than printed on screen. Please check it.

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I haven't played so much time. Right, it may kill the performance, but maybe it should check new route only if car stuck - this means, that not moving for some time, but have other free path/road to go. So it will check for path for first stuck car and move it, then next time for next one. The last one - will wait, but after some time all cars can go. Additional one or few cars (if many tracks changes for last day) won't need additional performance. Now it is impossible to check new solutions without stopping the source point.

I've played much and found some issiues:

1. Whole path is set when car starts. If we change roads during it's journey it will stop and mostly will stuck. Sometimes it regenerates path but mostly stay at position. If we add some roads near - it may try change path. I need to create 2 separate paths (new and old) and wait if all will drive by new path, than can delete old one.

It should regenerate path if cannot move because there is no road (from calculated path).