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Nice game, but... 1. when you don't have enough coins buttons should be red or greyed (when no colors in game). To show that option is unavailable. 2. what is worth "Deal Upgrades". It costs more than new car! It would be better to show in this column amount of cars and upgrade levels. Upgrade can calculated per all sort of car (ex. 3 SUV, updated 100c so you need 300c to upgrade to level 2). 3. Change printed costs to human readable (K,M,G/B) 4. It look like CPS are wrong. I have observed and calculated it - it counts lower than printed on screen. Please check it.

   Idk about the CPS being wrong. I'll look into that. The other fixes, but as of rn, the game is on the backburner. I'm not really focusing on it with end-of-course exams and such. As well as some other game development projects.