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Thank you! 
We're glad you like it. 

Thank you!

yes! You are right, it is part of a gamejam and so is still unavailable. Should be in a day or two. Sorry for the confusion!

Ooo, super koncept!

Do I endlessly loop in the forest? :O clever

To vyzera krasne ^^

Beautiful game. Great job.

Took a while to figure out, but very enjoyable.

Love it!

Thank you for your feedback! I’m really glad you enjoyed it ^^

Enjoyed this!

This was amazing. Thanks for making it. 

Hi there! We created this a week ago for Bratislava Game Jam 2018. It is a 42h game, made from scratch. But we'd love to work on it still and your feedback would be very helpful! Let us know what you think.

The theme was Weather Control, there's more of that in the description in the link. Take a look!

Great game! Simple, challenging and rewarding.

Yes, it's definitely better now. Good job

Hey, that's cool. However, the current upload was glitchy, at least for me, couldn't really move anywhere. Not sure if its my computer or the upload. But i'll be glad to check it out once it works!

Fun and beautiful. Well done!


Ahh, I see.

Thanks for the explanation. Fun anyway!

Absolutely gorgeous looking!

Hey! Fun game. I like how every time the wizard sends you off, the map is different.
This was probably already mentioned, but the spikes gave me a real hard time. They don't stick out visually as something not part of the background, and I can never really tell where the collider is placed, so it's hard to estimate if I'll make it without being sent back to the start all over again.
But I love that after the segment is done, it leads you back to the gate. It's a fun little almost training-like feeling. As if you were being mentored - or punished, until you've got it right :D I also like the challenge of getting to those impossible looking places for the golden coins :)

Ah, i see. But you could use your own real simple pixel visuals, and expand the journey sometime in the future. The simplicity makes it all the more interesting. Keep me posted if it works out!

very gorgeous looking game!


Fun one!

Great visuals. I'd love to see what this could evolve into. The basic objects like tea and cat, and the bordering philosophical captions make it very intriguing. Could be an awesome journey!

also, this map is gorgeous!

Enjoyed this. It has a great way of leading the player, while not feeling very pushy.  Good job!

Loving this!

This was great! So simple, yet so fun. Thanks!

Hey there. So glad to hear that! I've added a file with a short insight into some more of the thoughts behind Anna. It will be in the downloads if you wish, and in a devlog. :)

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I'm so glad to have Anna up and running!

If you enjoy mini game challenges and exploration (and pixels!), you'll probably enjoy Anna. It's a deep nostalgia clothed in childhood playfulness. There are many details to discover, three fun mini-games and som cultural newness for anyone west of central Europe :) It's a slow paced game.

It's been a long, but 'worth-it' project of mine, and is available for Mac and Windows. Hope you will enjoy it too!

Babka's house
Anna - game screenshot

Great aesthetic, fun to play.

Hey there! Thanks a ton for checking out the game. Enjoyed watching the video too, much appreciated!