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Miracle Blade Chan

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Created a new topic Full Version 1.0 Update
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Hi people~

I've been slowly working on MITY since 0.7.  I've acquired a high specs gaming pc, but I'm having issues getting it up and running.  The laptop I've been using all this time for MITY dev is kind of running out of juice, it is sort of old and doesn't have high specs (it's not really meant for gaming or gaming dev.)  Once I have the gaming PC going though, I'll be moving MITY dev to that glorious thing and proceed to finish MITY.  There'll be no more teasers or screenshots until 1.0 comes out, but I'll still be looking for glitch testers and spook-quality-checkers along the way.  (Also sprites, still, somewhat).  If you're interested shoot me a message on discord.  I've been thinking about making a MITY discord server, but I'm not sure yet.  I'll post more updates in this thread in the future.  Feel free to message me if ya want.

Edit: Heres the discord

Server invite link: https://discord.gg/NKtSEJ8

Created a new topic 0.7 Release Soon

Version 0.7 (Yes, I know we skipped 0.6) will be released in a few days. Features in 0.7 will include:

  • A definitive session-to-session save system.
  • Load your saved game from the main menu.
  • Candles, keys, iron switches, and the beginning of every level is a savepoint.
  • If you end up with an infinite-death loop of a save (i.e. pinned against a wall by a monster) there is now an option at the death screen to "Restart Floor". This will overwrite your previous save by starting the floor over.
  • Daughter and other characters and monsters have more animations.
  • No more moonwalking Daughter.
  • No more crouching-combat-slide-manuever Daughter. (Basically, movement has been fixed).
  • New furniture, like file cabinets, wheelchairs facing different directions, floating vases, etc.
  • Secret monsters hidden in corners of certain floors.
  • Not a "new" feature, but the secret Mario-esque floor skips are still pretty cool.
  • Not much in any way, but as you progress further in the game, in the loading screens, Daughter will rise up.
  • Other small behind the scenes obscure things.

Also, if you would like to contact me directly for feedback, etc, you are more than welcome to message me on Discord!

Miracle Blade Chan#8577

I am actually looking for maybe some spriters and perhaps a group of QA testers, if anyone is interested. I have made this game entirely by myself, so it gets a little lonely sometimes. n.n Look forward to 0.7!

Created a new topic 0.6

I don't like posting game updates very often, since I like having 1 definitive version in circulation, but it seems 0.6 will need some specific refinements, as the game itself is still dauntingly difficult. In 0.6, hopefully the final update before the final version:

  • Facewalls will no longer add to the noise threshold that spawns the Black Mist/angers the Bell of Souls/aggros the Twins, etc. It was never clear that they did, so we'll keep them for spooks only. Also, they'll always appear with the noticeable sprite (it was random if they were a blank wall or had a face for warning). At that, the Facefloors will not cause "sound", either (and will also be more noticeable).
  • Working on implementing session-to-session save files. Candleabras will also be implemented as checkpoints, if possible.
  • More variety to furniture and walls.
  • Small level layout changes.
  • More downtime for the OwlMan's "asleep" state.

If you have ideas or suggestions, leave them here!

Posted in Full version

Within the next month or two, once I can get feedback and reviews to what people would like refined/added/suggestions/ideas I will be better able to focus on the direction the game will go and have a release date :D