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Thank you! I wasn't too confident about the writing at first, but after seeing positive feedbacks on it (including yours) I definitely feel more sure! Please look forward to the finished version :)

I only used the game jam version of RPGMZ too, so maybe if there was a discount (again) on Steam... >.>

In the meantime, I'll be exploring other game engines to refine my game (and maybe make new ones) - I have my eye on Godot right now!

Thank you for playing through the game! 

As I watched the video and read the review I came to realize a lot of the game's shortcomings; the biggest one most definitely the stealth sections. I gained a lot of insights on what I should be improving with the mechanics, which I will apply to my next projects!

Also, I'm sorry Teal had to struggle at those stealth parts, it made me think I should've added more contingencies (and made clear of the ones already there).

Once again, thank you for playing and judging the game! I appreciate it :)

Thank you! I wanted to give the game a chill and cute vibe, glad it worked out! ^^

Thank you for the through review! You raise very good points, especially about the shell pickup and gameplay in general. I agree that the stealth section can be tedious, since it only gives the player one chance to succeed. I will rework that mechanic (or remove it entirely) for the full version.

Once again, thank you for playing the game! ^^

Thank you for the feedback! I agree that pixel art isn't for everyone, especially when it's 8x8. I am happy that you enjoyed the story though! :0

Thank you! Please look forward to it :D

Yes! I know there will be many people joining this jam, so tried to go for a more unique story! As for the gameplay itself, I didn't want it to be too hard to not clash with the vibe of the game. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game!

Thanks! I will when the game jam judging time is over :)

I will! There will be more characters and places to see! Thanks for playing ^^

Thank you for playing my game, and yes, those are good suggestions! I plan to make the shell pickup more streamlined by adding notifications instead of using dialogue boxes. As for the health, I will have to learn more about the engine, I think! :)

Hi, I played your game. 

The story is interesting! I assume it takes inspiration from the Chinese/Japanese folklore of the Star-Crossed Lovers? I like how the characters' dynamics change over the course of the story. 

The combat takes a while to get used to, but it was fun! Although, the enemy being stunlocked after a combo can be easily abused by the player by button mashing. Also, I don't know if this is a bug or if I missed something - when Luna's HP goes to 0, she can still walk around and grab items, but as the player I can't access the menu screen.

Overall a fun action RPG with a lighthearted story; all it needs is more polish. Thank you for the experience!

Super fun game! I stand by what I said about this game before, and I love the protagonist's sprite changes when they get bigger :)

Thank you for giving my game a shot! If this not being your type of game and you still liked it, then I'll take it as an honor! :)

Thank you! Yes, I agree it's too short (due to the time constraints). I've seen other entries that boast an hour or more gampelay, hats off to them! I'll check out your game, it seems very promising :)

Thank you for the kind comment, and you definitely made my day too! :)

Definitely time management for me. I spent a week coming up with the story, and another week and a half for the graphics, which only left me a week to program everything. Needless to say, I didn't get to the end of the story and had to cut things short. I didn't even get to use all of my assets :(

I'd love to see people play my game and get feedback from it! Here's the link if you are interested:

Good luck everyone! Can't wait to play the submitted games :)

Thank you for making these! I used the Title Theme for my game and it sounds great!

Thank you! This tool is super useful for making 8-bit sound effects :)

Thank you for the music! I've used it for my game and they're very atmospheric!

Wow, this was so fun to play! I love the fact that you can consume everything, Katamari-style. It's so satisfying!

Thank you for playing, I really enjoyed watching your let's play video! I will be expanding the game in the future, but I'm happy that you enjoyed the game despite how short it is! :)

Hello, I want to ask. Can I submit a demo/incomplete version of the game?