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... I did not realize I said I'd only update the game once.


Aww, thank you super much!!!!! I'm happy to know you got immersed! (Because there might be a sequel, just saying, hehe.) And I too love Apple's use of, well, Apple emojis XD

And for that achievement, it sounds like there should be one more thing you can give Fritz! An item with two variations, perhaps? This last achievement will unlock something, perhaps? :3

Thank you again for playing!!! <3 :D

why doesn't flash still exist i've wanted to replay this for years i feel so devastated rn

Thank you so much Marina :D

I'm really really grateful still ;;❤️

Very cute :3

Yay comment :D

LOL that's awesome, I enjoyed reading how you found your way to the stories with this silly game XD
I want to remaster it at some point, but I feel it could lose its original charm... So we'll see!

The browser versions! I do have more of a love-hate relationship with them. On the one hand, it's great for you and others who're reluctant to download as you said. For that reason, I have tried making a browser version for the newer games before their launch, but it wasn't working ;;
It could be due to the number of effects I'm adding... But hopefully I'll figure something out!

Thank you for taking the time to comment!!! And Pippy looks forward to seeing you again too :3

Thanks for playing, I'm happy you liked the art and the little effects!!! (... Even if they took forever to implement haha x.x)

I'm also seriously glad you point out what can be better, you probably already know this, but please keep doing that because it helps!!! Thank you :D

But I've been meaning to explain somewhere why I deliver messages heavily (you don't have to respond, eheh). I've considered making my games have less obvious messages in the past where the player analyzes the message so it's not as "in-your-face" or "I am your mother". It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I have a reason for doing so.

There was a large point in my life where I never analyzed stories and I purely consumed without learning anything, thinking it was all just entertainment. I still have friends who do this and it annoys me.

Does this make us bad consumers? Maybe, but we're still part of society and that concerns me.

Those who aren't aware of the message are likely not going to be able to infer the message of the story if they've never experienced it. For this game, discrimination and bias are indeed obvious, but time, judgment, and the truth of bias are some others that might not be so. (Or maybe they are obvious already, but that'd still be a maybe.)

Another important message was how to say sorry. It's done implicitly, so I don't know how many people caught all the specific points...  Listening, maintaining space, etc. (It's something else dear to me I'd like to expand on in a different game.)

Not all stories that allow interpretation of the messages are bad though! Some do it better than others, giving the perfect amount of room for the viewer/reader. Honestly, I do love those stories when they give an "ohhh" moment for me. (It makes me feel smart XD) But not everyone fits into that room, so I'd rather safely land the message into people's heads whether they listen to it or not, including my own brain :D

Ahh thank you!! I'm happy you were able to see those details and loved the designs and the characters' expressions, hehe :3 (Although these things seem small, they took absolute HOURS to implement x.x) But I'm glad it made you smile :3

Also, now that I know what I'm doing, I would be open to helping out with others' games! Like implementing jam rooms and such XD

Again, thank you for playing and for leaving your comments!!! :D <3

You're absolutely welcome, but thank YOU for playing!! And I'm glad you learned something too :D

UwaahhhhHHHH SO KIND > < Thank you so much for commenting and sticking around for the games!!!! This is everything I could ask for in a comment, thank you thank you :D


Thank you for your thoughts on the style!!! ("chaotic", eheh oops) XD
But indeed, I was partially inspired by the DR series!!! My art style does seem to replicate it a little, or a lot actually LOL. Although mostly fun, it was SUCH a pain to draw all these detailed-ish sprites for this tiny game in less than a month, so minimalist VNs are understandable x.x (and yesss, learning how to edit BGs is a must!! I admire those who are able to draw them by hand...)

(I have never played/watched the Zero Escape series, but I have heard about it and do want to at some point!)

- If I may ask, what device and OS are you using to play the games?

I'm really sorry that you ran into bugs, I hate insects D: That's what I get for being experimental... I didn't seem to encounter any of these issues. The only hard pauses are at the beginning and end of the game, so that is strange... I must try this again for myself.
- 10 minutes later: I can't replicate it for some reason... Just curious and to clarify, did you find some of the bugs during the first playthrough? It might have to do with the specific moment you saved or the combination of menu buttons you pressed... I made sure to cancel and reset the ATLs after every single movement so this wouldn't happen x.x

- Thank you for attempting to rate the game XD Perhaps we'd have to wait for the Spooktober Jam to end, then you should be able to rate the game itself in the same top-right spot? Or use a different browser? Ah well.

( Pssssst, you can also follow me and others on to be more updated if you'd like, but no pressure ;D )

That idea for the extra is honestly great!!! :3
But I agree; for the inventory, I only had enough time to implement tiny choices/endings for the whole game and create the pocket system, so it does seem more like a linear VN. I also wanted to add secrets within! <- THAT, however, was too ambitious for the month...

Thank you again for the awesome words!!!!! I really appreciate it, and I wish you a fantastic day :D

Omg I'm really happy you played it!!!!! :D (I honestly wasn't expecting you to, so it was even more of a nice surprise XD)

Thank you!!!! Ahaha, well I'm glad playing with the UI and pocket system was fun XD Making all those screens and transforms were quite an... experience!

Sprinkling foreshadowing and little hints were really fun to pack into this short a story, and I'm glad you liked all of the characters :3

And omg "the weirdest 'I'm spooked' noise" LOLOL I love how you described it XD but I'm glad the game wasn't too spoopy for you to give it a whirl!! (ahhh thanks for playing again > <)

Find and save up for a new PC soon Cho!!! And happy Halloween :D

I'll keep that in mind, hehe ✨ :D ✨

Ahhhhh thank you so much 😭 <3

I'm delighted that you noticed the little things as well as the characters and story!!!!!!! And that it warmed your heart--that's everything I could ask for ><

Thank you again for the feedback and kind wishes!! I'm still smiling knowing that it made you smile :D

Thank you for the awesome words!!!

There indeed may be a larger plot somewhere, someday *spooky noises*
And her home does seem like a cozy place to belong... But alas XD

Thanks so much for playing :D

Thank you so much tiger? lazy? lazytiger!! XD

(I appreciate the double post actually! It might help with the algorithm, but idk 🤔 I also wish it double-posted automatically...)

But again ahhhhhhh, thank you for the kind words and for playing!!!!! Solo development is difficult, so it means a lot :D


Anyway, thank you thank you!! You noticed some little things that I honestly didn't expect most to catch, like the punctuation/text timing! And the BGs!!! I'm glad you read somewhere that they were originally photos, someone had thought they were A.I. generated LOL, but it'd be a good idea...

And like you said, I really wanted to make it super dynamic, cinematic, and full of life, something I'm hoping to keep up in future games!!! (Also, I'm THRILLED you loved the characters, especially Fritz XD)


Thank you for playing!!! I caught the awesome VOD too, hehe :D

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Anwynn!!!!!! Hi hi :3 

Thank you for playing and liking the story >< I'm really happy you're noticing the links between the games!!!! I do have plans for the trio, I was actually going to write an extra scene before publishing, but the game jam went by really fast 😅 Maybe in the near future!

And you are absolutely right, hehe; it does set up thingies before SSSweets! (I've also thought about making mini-comics to show some of the story, but maybe I'm getting ahead of myself XD) 

I can't thank you a million enough for the support ❤️

Ty ><

Oh yes, a trailer:

Thank you!!1!>!!! 💚🎃🍂✨

Now pls make me do homework

Wonderful, thank you for giving me your address

And yayaa thank you for testing and the support :3 <3

What happens outside the Halloween party?
After a "Robin Hood" steals treasures from a lavish Halloween party, they find more than they bargained for.


Ok now that's out of the way:







Now on a more serious note:
Check the game page!!! It's a lot prettier than this post and would mean a lot to me:

Thank you for reading/scrolling this far, and happy spooky month :D

Ack, how did I miss this comment??? I'm happy you liked the reference, art, and most of all, the message!! >< Thank you very much for playing :3

Becoming numb towards cheating at some point sounds quite... familiar, being more focused on grades than honesty, but students should never have to be afraid of failing.
We should be excited to learn and not care if we fail since failure is part of learning! But... You know.

Anyway, thank you so much for playing and writing a bunch of stuff (in your comment, collection, and rating) about how you feel and the game!! :D

There are 3 endings, 6 routes (meaning they have slightly different dialogue at the end), and 1 optional choice! (There's also a walkthrough with more details if you're curious :D)

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Ooh that's cool :D Nice work, I do not see jigsaw puzzles that often in games either, it would be a fun minigame inside a bigger game maybe!! ^^ Adding more drawings and pictures sounds nice, and yes, it's proof that you really wanted to do it!

If you want to add more puzzles, you could ask the creators for permission maybe? And you're welcome Anwynn :D

Cute and relaxing puzzles :3 I played the first version, but nice getting it into Ren'Py!!! I want to make something similar someday XD

Do you have any other plans for this, or is it for fun?

THANK YOU for playing all of it Cho!!!! I am a bit prouder now that you think so :D I didn't think it'd be possible to convey the message with the large amount of restrictions at some point! As my past games had like, these huge messages that take an hour to get through, I thought this'd be a fun challenge perhaps ^^

Lucky you too for not having to worry about school now... Ahhh, I hope that feeling of wanting to pass more than wanting to learn changes soon for more people D: 

I've never had *ticking* clocks at the schools I've attended, but I wanted players to feel that sense of pressure and time limits and dread, like you said! I'm thrilled that the UI and thought bubbles added to the immersion.

And thank you again!! Actually, I want to do the Spooktober jam, and only MAYBE I will because I soon have to start focusing 100% on university for a while... But I'll definitely continue to create and tell stories, thanks for all of your support <3

LOLOLOL I LOVE YOUR REACTION XD and of course, I love Undertale, so I just had to make some reference at some point!!!
(they were literally the first lines I wrote of the VN, omg. I guess I thought the setting of the VN fit the feeling of the next line Sans says after "On days like these, kids like you...")

And no problem about playing it on an iPad on the browser, I'm glad that's actually possible XD. Hope it wasn't too much trouble!

Ah, I'm happy you liked it angel!! >< Tiny comments like these are motivating :D

Omg, you're too kind Potato ;; thank you for taking the time to comment/review <3

Good to know that the web build works well for you! I guess I thought that I had a pretty good PC/Internet connection, but maybe not XD

I'm glad the theme of school and the education system was conveyed as you thought!

I've never made a game with stats before, so that point means a lot. I'm also really happy that you tried out multiple routes and found out that there are different routes to get the same ending (but with the extra dialogue) :D

And yes yes yes!!!!! >< Yes, that's her, now... I must stop myself before I get too excited lmao

Yaya :3

I like how you say that your experience is proof of how not everything is learned at school. People start learning the moment they're born actually, and some adults should really take that into consideration...

Some people also just learn faster/slower than others, so learning should surround the learner, not the teacher/system :/

I'm happy you agree :D And no need to apologize!!

Me (and many others) would be interested in more people talking about their experience, but if not, then that's alright too. Whatever one is comfy with sharing or wants to share :D

Hi Anwynn :D

To answer your last question, yes, sure!
I just want people to talk about their experiences with school, good or bad. Then maybe someday someone will see these comments and not feel alone, or even better, maybe that someone will have the power to change something someday.

Thank you for talking about the family part of school and how terrible oh how friggin TERRIBLE expectations can be. (It's something I wanted this game to be more about but didn't have the number of words or time to write.) You already know how I feel about some of your past school situation 😔 Bullying is never deserved and will always suck.

For the what I didn't know, you showed those kids with what you knew!! It sounds like something out of a show, but it's true XD

You could've loved school if it wasn't for the lack of interesting classes, expectations, and mean people. It sounds like history was something you really liked along with cooking and art ^^ I wish you got more history classes...
Honestly, I was not one who enjoyed my history class at all (both of my high school history teachers liked to call on people and embarrass us when we didn't know the answer ;; I also just didn't like reading, and the majority of the classes were reading from a textbook and memorization lol) From what you say too, sometimes teachers/professors/students can determine your opinion on subjects/school too.

I wasn't able to respond to everything, but I read everything. Thank you for writing (and being passionate? idk if that's the right word) so much :D <3

Ahh, thank you!!! It means a lot ><

And in some ways, lucky you for being done with school ;;

I want to say I'm glad you related to how nothing mattered but the grade, but I also wish this wasn't the case for the sake of your education... It is ridiculous!! The majority of people graduate, but some people I knew didn't know what to do with their lives afterward.

When I was in high school, they did start to have a class ONCE A WEEK where you made a resume and took some career tests, but then how are you supposed to research your career?? 😅

Thanks for writing about your good experiences with school too :D Meeting cool people is usually the best part about school for many (no wonder why there are so many shows about schools for that reason lol) and learning some things still applies!

Thank you so much for restating the message <3

Hello hello! Thank you guys for hosting the jam :D

I have a few questions regarding parts of the rules:

We can "provide additional information on the VN's website including separate character drawings, backstory info, banners and cover images, provided they don't make diminish the VN-only experience"
Question: Can I do this same thing on the "About" section of my VN (as some people don't look at the website)? The player won't be forced to look at the About section.

The single sound effect "cannot be looped continuously (if yes, it counts as background noise per the last section)" and the voice actor "can be replaced by sound effects / beeps processed to act as voices (this does not count as the sound effect)"
Question: It sounds like it (pun intended), but could I use a keyboard sound effect as an indication of someone speaking and consider it a sound effect and NOT as a voice? It is *partially* looped continuously... And I would have a separate voice actor.
In other words, can I have one sound effect and one voice actor as indications of who is speaking? (These personally help me as a reader.)

Just making sure of everything before I start!!

Ahhh, thanks for writing more!! I find comments like these awesome to read and think about :D

I see what you're saying about perspective vs. fact... I do believe that tone and perspective are different, and perspective does indeed shape tone. Now that I'm more awake, I remember to have thought that Myx's comedic intro had to do with her unhealthily starving herself to near insanity from staying indoors too much, something that nearly happened in MBM as well. Starvation can increase hysteria and change one's judgement/behavior as long as they are hungry for a while. (Maybe Myx should explain that more in game...) I'm not sure if that justifies her actions though? Other than her intro, I wonder if there was other moments that made her seem not "in character" (or Digit, or for any other character for that matter). I'm likely not going to change the way any of them were introduced, but as you say, I definitely will take great care of their actions and viewpoints in the future. Characters and consistency are quite important to me.

Fourth wall breaks done wrong, if they're supposed to be impactful to the story and characters can be a problem depending on how they're handled, I agree! However, imo direct fourth wall breaks, if they're not related to the story, are quite fun, moreso when they are lighthearted and add to the pacing/feeling. But again, that's just how I feel about them. 
* I just remembered that I added a bit with Digit at the very very end explaining how they felt about the situation etc., I think that's part of the issue. I guess I wanted them to have an opinion on the flashback to confirm that it truthfully happened (but maybe that doesn't go with the realistic tone of the narrative, whoops) It technically added to the story, so I removed that bit and ran through, and it felt a lot smoother. Thank you!*

Pippy and Digit are more playful in nature, which is why making them an outlet directly to the player felt right as opposed to Aq and Myx. However, direct fourth wall breaking was never meant to be part of the main story/characters' traits in the series, but more as direct self-awareness and comedy. (At least, this is part of my current plans. It majorly depends on the message and story I want to execute.) The better meta stuff I was more focused on is exactly what you pointed out! It helped direct the story :D

I agree that pacing is very important in VNs, even if there's interaction actually. Part of my issue with reading things myself is well... I don't like reading XD so maybe in PUQFFAL, things were rushed as I felt like I shouldn't have more build-up. Introduce them -> commence conflict, if that's what you thought. I'm glad that seems to be less of an issue in MBM as I'm working on my writing. (That's why the word count of MBM went from 5k to 12k, hehe.) I've always been a fan of stories that have more than one thread to think about as you call it, so I'll definitely be doing that.

What do you mean sorry? You've given me a lot of helpful pointers :D And you are right about them being amniotes... Huh, maybe reptile people exist in this universe if it's thought of in that way :3

Wow, you get it. You're the first person to give the games a dose of any kind of constructive criticism, and I have lots of respect for that (it's insanely hard to come by right now). Thank you so so so much :D


Note: First of all, since you thought this game was better than PUQFFAL (like me), I highly recommend you to NOT play the third game's demo (Although it sets up foreshadowing for later on disguised in something very familiar to slice-of-life stories, it really lacks depth atm. I blame it on not having enough time lol)

Now, thank you for writing what you liked, helps me know what possibly went right :3 (It was also awesome learning what a framing device was)

And a super thank you for writing what you did not like!!

I thought to use *tones* to shape the feeling of each of their stories as time goes on, hence the tonally strange moments for the first game as Pippy's character is more strange in general.  However, now that you bring it up, I do wonder if this idea will not go in my favor (for all the characters) as you say... I have always thought that Myx's intro was a lil odd, but then again, odd she is on the surface level. Ah, we'll see.

Interesting... I had planned to redo/remove some of that obvious meta stuff in the final final release, but it's nice to hear it from someone else. This especially goes for that one scene with Digit saying the creator didn't finish the game in time; they were there as a placeholder during the winter game jam as I almost truly did not finish on time and I had actually planned on ending it there (so yep, it was more of a joke that I left in). Other than that one scene, you might be correct with those clashes ;)

And thank you for catching the grammar mistake!! I can't thank you enough for writing all of this ><

Such a brilliant comment.

Thank you for playing XD

Yay!!! Thanks for the feedback Ony, the details were really fun to do :D

Oh, I think I saw that bug during the test phase and completely forgot to fix it XD, I'm sorry you ran into it though. I'll attempt to change it as soon as possible, so thank you for telling me!!