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Thanks a lot for playing our game! We agree that ideally the story should be fleshed out deeper and expanded, but we were trying to keep it minimalistic due to the time constraints. 

Did you try all of the endings? 

Glad to see you enjoy our game :).

Hi Angrysmile, this is our team's submission (the team details would be in the page), a short visual novel set in outer space. 

Would be grateful if you can give us feedbacks :).

Wow! This game is truly amazing. I find it a bit hard to rewind. But the game is super fun! Kudos to the developer!

This game is so cute! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

This is a fairly interesting game. Good job!

Yep, it's pretty good story-wise. I like the build-up! ^^. You can do it!

Looking forward to play it :)

Wow, this game is interesting. I think the ghost of envy killed me tho. lol.

Hello! I've downloaded this game and it's pretty interesting to me.  It's well-written and seems interesting.

I think Shun looks interesting :).

Wow, the game seems interesting. Looking forward for an english translation :)