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Wow, I'm so excited!! Can't wait for this <3

Yep, will be keeping an eye on this game! I really love it :)

Omg this game is so amazing. Perfect and I can't wait for it to be finished. Kudos for the developer. I love the art and the gameplay. Extremely unique and fun. :D

Nice game :) I enjoy playing it and can feel the halloween theme.

This is so cute. I love the art and the dialogues are so well-written. Visually stunning with a chill and relaxed vibe. I like Jae the most <3. She's so cute and small.

Thanks :), glad you like it. 

Yes, she's one the best female characters in otome. <3

cool concept! the slimes are very cute :) good work. 

This game is extremely amazing and moving! 5/5 really. 

My favorite route is interestingly Rod's. His type of character is usually not my type and his route doesn't really shed the whole truth, but it's one of those endings where everyone got a happily ever after. And I enjoy seeing Lucette bond with her stepsister greatly, and Rod and Lucette definitely have amazing chemistry!

Karma's route is the one I liked the least (despite his character being interesting), it felt somewhat draggy while the latter routes, Fritz and Waltz are just depressing.

The graphic, audio and everything in this game is topnotch! But, my favorite character in the end is Lucette! Really enjoyed watching her develop throughout the game and in all the routes.

Thanks for playing and thanks for your kind compliments <3.

Awesome! I've already got two endings so far :3. 

Hello fellow visual maker and Renpy user!

I like the humor in the story (and my new name = Derpface :D) amidst the horror.

The visual and graphic is pretty immersive and the audio fits the story.

Is the sudden words in my notepad intentional? (If yes, that's rather cool.) Reminds me of dokidoki a bit.

When the mystery woman appeared, it was supposed to be quite scary until she said "Hi Derpface" and I just rolled off laughing. (Jokes aside, is there any way to know her name?)

I wonder how many endings are there. In my first playthrough I'm killed cos I don't remember her name.

I always enjoy these kind of games but I think it would be better had you designed the ball to be pumpkin-like and change the setting to be more like a halloween mood. :)

Hello, I've finally been able to upload the game to html version now. 

Please give it a play if you're still interested. :D.

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Hi thanks a lot for putting up this tutorial. It worked now. Thanks a lot :)

Thank you so much for your help! I'm currently joining the jam and one of the reviewers requested a web version. Now, my game would be easily playable. :).

I'm sure it's going to be very helpful for a lot of others too! 

Love your games! (I generally love the villainess manga genre and really wanted to see more of it, and yours are the only one I saw so far) You should definitely make more! <3

I like the bat sprite and the enemies sprites graphic-wise. But, I always lose very quickly and the game is quite difficult (maybe I'm just not used to these kind of games). 

Its an interesting game, though!

Hey, I've played the game. I find the sprites really cute and like the idea of fighting one's inner thoughts. 

It would be great if the game was longer though! But, pretty interesting game :)

Hi, I tried porting it but the game simply can't play in the browser. :(

Hi awesome game! Really liked the villainess.

By the way, I'm also trying to import my renpy game to html file so it can be played like yours in a web browser. I wonder if you can help tell me how to import them?

I've tried creating a web build however I'm not sure how to succesfully upload it.

I don't know how to convert it to a browser version in renpy.  But, I'll try :)

That's horrible! 

Thanks a lot, wish all the best for your future projects as well :)

I like the game :D. I didn't know that to jump, you'd need to press space so I tried all buttons. 

But, I do enjoy collecting the crystals. The traps are interesting though.

I wish the game is longer as I enjoy collecting the crystals.

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah, I was considering to make a different game entirely and most of the graphics are made last minute (I wish there could have been more cast and backgrounds).

Glad you found the game interesting. I'm a huge fan of your submission too :)

Thanks for playing my game!

Sorry if its too gory! :D. 

No worries haha. You can actually just put an option to show the control button or just a short text in the beginning. Awesome work, though :)

I will :3 Thanks for the hint haha.

I love this game! Haha, I suppose my memory isn't that bad to have been able to successfully pass during my first playthrough.

I also love how the information is completely randomized (that must have required a lot of programming). 

Great job :)

Hi, absolutely loved this game. 

The voice acting is great and immersive, one point to improve however would be to put a textbox (as I sometimes miss what was said) and actual puzzles in the game. Nevertheless, this is one of the best games I've seen in this jam.

I love the camera-taking function, as it helps the players immerse deeper into the game and gives a rather interesting jumpscare too. Amazing work in terms of graphic and audio!

The graphics are cute and well-made and the audio meshed well with the game. Can't find the key though. :(

Hi, your game has very cute sprites and monsters. Can you tell me what button to press to jump? 

This game is super cute! Wished it could've been longer. :)

Haha, the plot was made up last minute (it was supposed to be a detective story) but I figure there wasn't enough time. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Your game is super cute too! Haha! I find the pumpkin man really cute. Wish the story was longer.

You got talent in making adorable (and sordid )stories and cute art! Should def make a longer game :)

Cute and interesting game! Good job!

I think I got all the endings! Very cute art and game :)

Thanks a lot for playing our game! We agree that ideally the story should be fleshed out deeper and expanded, but we were trying to keep it minimalistic due to the time constraints. 

Did you try all of the endings? 

Glad to see you enjoy our game :).

Hi Angrysmile, this is our team's submission (the team details would be in the page), a short visual novel set in outer space. 

Would be grateful if you can give us feedbacks :).

Wow! This game is truly amazing. I find it a bit hard to rewind. But the game is super fun! Kudos to the developer!