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I can't take coffee after making it, anyone having same problem?

really loved it

I love your work.....!!

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Does this work with bitsy HD?

loved the art!

I was just working on a first person point of view bitsy game, and then this just appeared today! wonderfully done. Loved the concept, appreciating expanding the possibility of Bitsy!  Just one thing, I couldn't get that the circle below is  something I can use to move around at first. I think it can be bit more recognizable if the circle placed in the center-below. well done, Cheers!

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unfortunately no... I tried using hacks and then also tried coding directly on the dialog section but neither of them seem to be working..

Is it possible to exit from dialogue in this version? also, can I use brosky hack with this version? whenever I try to use hack, it just give me black blank page... :( Other than that I appreciate very much for uploading this version of bitsy! Enjoying.

I love the concept of it. It will be even more interesting if the sound of the ocean gives a hint of the creatures when it's dark. 

Loved my ending

I cried while playing it. I have a family very sick at this moment so it kinda made me think about the afterwards........  Thanks for this beautiful game!