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I tried clearing my local storage to delete my progess, but when I refresh the page, the userStats are reset to what I had in them before the deletion. How do I stop this behavior, or switch between levels to counteract this?

Can you publish the source code? I'm interested in how you fit all the data into a small space.

Can you please add the option to delete save data on the web version?

Hey, do you think you could somehow implement TOGA (TOGgle bit And jump if true) logic for a series of side puzzles, along with support for macros?

Great idea

When is Dril Simulator 2019 coming?


Will this game be available on Steam?


On Steam

Can you please put a super short sale on the game? I really want it, but i'm 53 cents short!

Will this game be available on Steam?

Will this game be available to purchase on the Steam platform?


First boss is impossible

Will this game be releasing on Steam?

Will this game be available on Steam in the near future?

Why not try this game?

Will this game ever get Windows support?

Nice use of transparent sprites to add detail to the cat statues!

The tiles on the picture are way too colorful than they should be. How is that possible?

It's okay.

Can you try to make a Windows version of FileGame?

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I still don't get it. Can you create a bitsy game that shows off this effect with explanations?

I was wondering if it were possible to change the avatar while the game was playing.

How did you manage multiple background colors?

Oh, I would also like to know how to:

-Have different background colors on a single screen

-Different colored animation frames

Nice documentation of your sources

Simple corruption, I see

Not revolutionary or anything, but still cute!

Update: I'm expanding the due date by another week!

It's still OK.  Using both user input based audio, real-time, colored text boxes, and video degradation made this first entry great!

P.S. It's at

Hey guys, do you think notify others about this jam. I want large range of people to join. One way to spread the message is the bitsy discord.

THX! Plus, I started my own Bitsy Jam about hacks! (

Do you think you can create a whole game around this quirk, and also give me a tutorial on how to do it?

Also, I noticed that sometimes there will be more than 3 colors on the screen, something impossible in vanilla bitsy. Can you try to reproduce this effect with without corruption?

BTW Sean, can you look into the code to see how to have multiple colors on the same screen?

Got rickroll'd real good m8

How was this even made?