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thank you!

this is so cute! I can't believe that you made all of these assets (even the music o_O) in such a short time period. the spritework is great, and the game is a very healthy reminder that i need to spend more time reading analog clocks... i bet your 7yo beat this game faster than me 🙃

anyhoo, congrats on a great jam game!

ahh! i'm so glad you enjoyed it.

honestly, i'm not too sure what might have caused the poor browser performance... we DO have a desktop build, but we've mostly not seen any problems with people running the web build. on web, the game's resolution defaults to 960x600 (and auto-matches your screen's resolution when fullscreen is active). when i play fullscreen at 2560x1440, i don't experience any performance degradation.

given the limited jam time, we weren't able to playtest on a wide range of hardware. what are your system specs? it's possible that something is misbehaving, and we just can't reproduce it with our hardware.

thank you so much for playing and for the thoughtful feedback!

wow! this was so atmospheric and smooth and wonderful. everything feels so juicy to use. nice job!!

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Wow. What a cool take on the theme. I have no idea how you managed this in the time provided... you guys did an incredible job!

thank you so much! this was our first time working on a puzzle game, so although there are a few puzzles with multiple solutions, most of them are actually accidental LOL

we'll keep leveling up our puzzle-making skills, but in the meantime, thanks for playing! nice job again with Super Librarian ^_^

hey victen! sorry the language barrier affected your experience so much--we did our best to make the UI intuitive with arrows and other animations, but at the end of the day, it's going to be really hard to play if the cards' effects don't make sense to you.

if you want to try again, a brief explanation: Card Affinity is color coded. as the player, your goal is to eliminate all of the enemy's cards on the top left, by using your cards on the bottom right! the "not-so-common" words are just the the cards' names.

we tried our best to make this intuitive by making the first phase *really* easy, so that the player would learn by experience, but if you get stuck there, it's definitely rough. no chance for localization in a game jam >:P

about the theme: "share knowledge" doesn't have to be *exclusively* academic! someone could share memories, feelings, and more, and i think it would still qualify as "sharing knowledge." in our case, our *STORY* is where the knowledge-sharing happens: the characters you encounter remind you of what it means to really live your life, instead of hiding away. but you definitely won't get to experience that part if you get stuck early on!

i'd love for you to try it again if you get a chance :) thank you so much for the feedback!

thank you so much for playing!!

thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback!

i'm really glad you went back at it! we'll work to improve our tooltip clarity for the future

Wow, this is an incredible concept! the illustrations are all so flavorful, well done!

This is super fun! it gets really hard... really fast... especially if you get unlucky with a lot of people looking for Science on the top row. i couldn't get past the "1 Day Left" stage, but this was really cool!

Thank you so much! Believe it or not, you did actually just miss the solution, haha.

It was hard for us to get the difficulty curve right with such little time, so I'm sorry if we stumped you too early on!

this is really great! the pixel-art is fantastic. nice job :)

next jam, next jam!

thank you for playing!! so glad to hear it :)

is this... the developer of ULTIMATE CHANGUS IN MY POSTS