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Solo apretas las teclas A S W D o las flechas, la animacion secreta se hace con el enter, el espacio o la tecla de borrar



I mean you did not insult them but you blame them that your pc cannot run the game, when it is your fault :/

Next time don't insult the creators, it's your pc not the creators

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

Potato pc lol

I reassured myself, read what I wrote in my penultimate comment (I speak Spanish, sorry if I write something wrong in English)
Anyway, what kind of potato pc can't run fnf xD
I try, but it infuriates me that he insults the creators for a problem that is his pc, also he did not have to look for people to help him create the game and he does not know the effort it takes to create a game so that they come to insult

Lol i have a horrible pc and no problem to play fnf :v

asshole if it doesn't work it's because your pc is a fucking shit, it works for me to have a pc with few requirements, that your pc is crap and you blame the creators of the game is your fucking idiot problem