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The game is very unique, but i don't understand what to do

I wasn't able to, only got to half up the wall.

But I saw a lamp on the other side, so thought that was the intended end.

you can push the blue thing over and get over the wall

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the game is bigger than my screen size, i can't see what is happening

(btw you shipped the debug version)

You can go to the game page,  all the way on the top there is: [Edit game] [Analytics] [Widget]

click on edit game to update. Also if you check the checkmark for ` this file will be played in browser`, people can access it easier if it is a html file.

just make sure that the main file is called index.html

Does reaching yellow mean I have won? Or do have to something else.

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I think he removed it, not sure why :(

The ending of the story confused me a bit, but for the rest an amazing game.

same, but liked how the game forced me to change play style with each purchase.

Fun to play, noice art.


small blorbs

Small borbs

Can you draw birbs?

btw there is a discord :

amazing! didn't know this was possible with godot.

cool game, but can you put the player a little to the back, that would feel more natural

The game is great, but it has an bug: When the bottle lands next to an tower of bottles your stuck. you cant jump.

I am very sorry. I wanted to rate the game but it didn't start. And if you are wondering why the other 8 people didn't enter anything. They probably started making a game that needed more time than they got.

I believe you in you