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Once upon a time this software cost $40.00 but with every update the price increased. I wonder if it will happen again with this new update.

Any instructions on how to set up a game with friends for dummies like me?

All that's needed now is to get the "GET BONUS" voice from Blazing Star, to announce the weapons and Pickups like the Metal Slug Announcer Guy and I'm Sold!

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Will there be a Smile Game Builder or a Game Developer Bakin versions, using the characters from those Smile Boom engines?

Player : "Its all Alunar?" 
TobiasM : "Always has been" 

Update? So your telling me there's a chance MIPS or C will be included. I sure hope so, I look forward to your updates!

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What language does this program output to? Does this have multiple outputs like C# MIPS and Python or is this just a visual scripting tool for only python?

Never thought of that, will consider!

Yes It is still being worked on. 

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This is pretty good! I wish there was a way to toggle grid on or off - and maybe an option to retype the seed

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Sorry to invade this thread. But I think you should fix your page, I can easily lift your assets from the page and not pay you for them, and if i can do it I'm sure that there are ppl on here that will do it with no intention purchasing your work. Maybe tilt the 2nd and 3rd images in your page description as they can be taken whole sale. And reduce the resolution for all pics so they arn't as crisp pixel perfect. The pack looks like a lot of work went into it so i thought a heads up would be nice.

Yes you can, as long as you're using Smile Game Builder. The Asset+ set is tied to the Smile Game Builder License.

Who Me? Yes I am. @ me on the Discord so we can talk more 

Contact me on the MechaJam Discord so we can talk more, just @ I have basically the same name there, but the same icon

I wanted to know how well you do Armored Core/ Gundam Models I would love to have you on my team if you could do that but they have to remain within the parameters

Question do you have any 3d works i can look at?

As soon as you can export .obj files Im sold!

Just a small note : I don't think its the best idea to use the Models for the Character Portraits they don't stand up every well when viewed so closely. I would suggest  High-Res Art that work Better or commissioning High-Res models. Other than that this game is Stellar 

Does this also work for Top Down / ARPG sprites?

I love your work, I just wish you'd make desktop versions as well. :(

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Maybe sounds good. I hope you return to develop or at least finish the Red Black White and Yellow Trailers. RT may be trash, but it's about fans and the healthy parts of the community, and the love of an IP/Potential of an IP. I'll continue to try to bring awareness to this game and MAYBE that might Change your mind

Will there ever be a EXE version of this Generator?

Why can't I just BUY the Sextended edition?

I hope so! Since this was made I've been waiting for a stand alone. Id totally be willing to pay for something like this.

Will a stand alone ever exist?

Even if you don't win please make this into a full game! But I Really hope you do! I loved the way it controlled, I had to force my self to stop playing.