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This is just a demo so those features aren't a necessity.

Hey thanks for playing! I'll see if I can make level 13 a bit more fair since even for me it was quite a struggle. I personally think the movement is pretty managable but since I'm used to it that's expected anyways thanks for the feedback.

I would have prefered the mouse buttons being used to dig.

I really like the art style altho the controls are really annoying for keyboard. Very polished.

Cool relaxing game. I like how it shows you the impact of your purchase and the variety of the cards is great.

The car physics are top notch but i do have some problems with the game overall. The gameplay is a bit lacking and the UI was too small also there wasn't any sound. But overall good game.

Thanks for noticing the sandbox!

It is appreciated if atleast a windows build is included.

Thanks! It's great to see people play my game and notice those parts of the game i really tried to make good. I've never played The incredible machine but i'll sure check it out.

Thanks for the feedback! In the next version i'll make sure there's a tutorial and that it's more obvious which healthbar belongs to which character.

Great game! The ground tiles were a bit blurry tho.

Really fun game. Controls feel nice and levels are enjoyable. Never got frustrated!

I got some tips for you.

1. Add keybind support (The controls are frustrating for me cause i'm left handed and play with right hand on wasd)

2. Prompts to press a key still apear after the action can't be done anymore

3. Add coyote time for jumping of ledges.

4. After a while the music cuts out completely

I wanted to play more but my wrists began to hurt.

Wow this is perfect for my project! Thanks alot :D

I completely agree!

The controls are great! Keep up the good work

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The AI blocks way to much in my opinion, if there's a way to get around that it should atleast be explained...

The game won't work cause the servers are down.

Sorry :\

I'm a bit late with responding but I drew the art on paper and scanned it. I stopped working on the game but i'm thinking of making a game in the future with this art style. Thanks for the compliment!

Glad you enjoyed my game. I've improved alot but this is still something i'm proud of.

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It makes me happy to know that somebody played my game 2/3 years after i made it :)

(Follow me i'm remaking this game right now! :D)

I got 275th that's pretty good right?


Enjoyed your game :)


Thank you wonderfull human for making people happy with your amazing feedback

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Thank you so much you make my day



Thanks you for playing my game even after you had troubles playing


Nice game hope my rating helped you :>

Sure thing will play your game rn

I rated your game hope you enjoyed the jam

ninja monkey you the nicest person I talked to in the game jam

There ya go fam

Cool game dude I love the light but was a bit confused at the start but got the hang of it quickly

My game if your still intrested Already reached 20 ratings not needed but will be helpfull

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Thank you everyone for rating my game I enjoyed all the games I played and hope ya'll had fun

i loved this game reminded me of those old rpgs also the dialogue is great also also rate my game pls if you haven't already