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Nice first game jam game :D maybe rate m game :P

Sure if u rate my game :)

 Thanks for the comment :D Youre game is asome really like youre art style!

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Did u make it to day 20 ???
:D it,s the end with a cutscene

(1 edit) you did well 

pls rate my game :<

Fun game but the music is anoying but it,s pretty fun maybe check out my game and rate pls Thanks

Pretty fun game but i didn,t understand the pots so well? maybe check out my game and rate mine

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I love this game i gave a pretty good rate as well maybe check out my game for the jam and rate pls

Yes i did :)

I sow this game it,s asome Maybe check out my game

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The dialog did not work well when i was playing the snake game it said that i was gonna play pacman? overal it has a very nice art style and is pretty fun :)

Maybe check out my game

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Thanks for the asome feedback and i checked out youre game it,s really cool

Wow you made this in ons week :O

Never Mind it works now

Everything is black ????

I did not play it jet but oh...................................


Thanks for the comments

Nice game i realy liked the idea ps. cane somebody in the chat rate my game plz


I will make some bug fixing updates and change the things you want :P

i am thinking of making other types of lazers but i am still thinking :}


Amazing game :) like the art style

amazing game but maybe use a other sound for the meteor crushing on the planet 

There,s a bug with downloading the game i now how to fix it

step 1

 place youre game and youre unityplayer.dll and unitycrashhandeler and split decision datta on to ure desktop

step 2

right click on ure game and hold youre mouse on to "kopy to" press on to

compressed zipped folder 

step 3

 then a folder will apear give it youre game name and dubbel click on the folder to open it then place  unityplayer.dll unitycrashhandeler and  split decision datta in there and wala if u dubbel click on the file who has ure game name a download folder wile apear and if u follow wat the folder says you downloaded the game 

step 4 

upload tha new folder in to and people cane download it :)

It doesn,t work for me :(


First it was brokon now its fixed so enjoy

Dont worry i am fixing it right now :)



omg this weird

oh cheese very hard