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Thanks for the comment from you and all that did comment on this. Getting caught up in life made it hard for me to do much or respond to these but it was a blast coming back to this jam since your first jam of this was my first ever game jam.

I did learn a lot between them and changed game engines as well which definitely improved my coding skills altogether. The portal level was supposed to require you to go through but I guess I ended up forgetting to save the fix. I do definitely hope to try to at least do next year's jam even if life does get in the way and want to thank you for making these game jams, and all others that commented on this for the positivity.

if you send me a DM on discord my profile is Millipeter#9414 i will teach you how to do it just tell me that when you do dm me

This game is amazing and would be worth some money in my opinion.

This game is good, but it is laggy. and do you have the paid version that lets you make the game in nw.js?

the game cant be rated. I cant play it at all not even when I download it

The game is difficult but the art and gameplay is fun

Thank you for giving feedback on the game. I am looking foward to keep updating the game later on. And I want to thank you for hosting this game jam so this game could have existed

the theme is bright colors so it can be interpreted as a happy game or a game with a lot of bright contrast of color

the game is good but the camera shake is too intense and you should add a point system. other than that it was a great game

if i had even more time i probably could of added a life system and checkpoints. but since i didn't have enough time i decided to have the secondary time which is starting over