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Millie Harris

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Very fun game! Enjoyed it a lot :D

WOW! Very fun and interesting game. All of the puzzles were very enjoyable and while the art style is simple it fits the game very well. Love the progression of difficulty.

Very cool game. That pesky grim reaper really had it out for me! Music is very enjoyable and fits well with how the art style and gameplay feel. Great work :)

Lots of fun! I enjoyed trying to score through the hologram goals. The player controller is a bit frustrating because it prevents you from moving and jumping simultaneously. You have to stop moving, jump, then move again in the air. Enjoyable art style and overall a very nice game.

Very fun game! Very cute art style and well designed mechanics. Challenging but not too difficult to the point of annoyance! Very cool game :D

Really fun game! Very unique mechanics for the style of game that it is. Cute art style :D

Really fun game! Super cool graphics and it was cool to have an FPS game with a few kind of puzzle mechanics in there too!

Very interesting puzzles! Well designed and a lot of fun :D

Super fun puzzles! Made me think hard but was very doable! :D

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Thank you so much for playing and for your comments! :)