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After 2 weeks of playing the game, I finally beat the game! Took me long enough, since the translation was pretty hard, but I managed to finish the game and understand the basic premise of the story. 

The plot is really interesting, though I'm still a bit confused about the story of Eddie and how his past connected to Xavier's backstories. Other than that, everything about the plot, the history in the game is very well done in my opinion. The whole brain transplant project is kinda scary, Terry's motivation in general is understandable, Richard is Xavier's grandson is a great twist. I love how everything in the game connects. Overall, the plot is excellent.

Puzzles are fun, but sometimes it can be frustrated. 

My only complaint about the game is the monsters. Sometimes they are very cheap in my opinion and the more I played, the less scary they are.

Kinda sad that the game doesn't have an English version, if somehow the game gets a remake or at least a translation, it would be very neat.

I really like the game and will look forward for your next projects!

Yo the plot of this game is amazing! 

Wow, the artwork seems really nice. Though I don't understand Vietnamese so I can't really play it. But it looks cool nonetheless 

No problem! I'm excited to see more!

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I played both first demo and the second one and I really enjoyed it.

The atmosphere is great and very unsettling, the horror element is well done, the lack of background musics really enhances the experience, only hearing your footsteps and random noises in the enviroment is terrifying, the art style is really cool and pretty, the puzzle is very good (the first demo has better puzzles, but the second demo has more interesting puzzles in terms of concept and ideas, I just wish it has more hints since solving puzzles in the second demo is kinda harder than the first demo in my opinion because it somewhat lacks information), and the story is very interesting and I'm looking forward to see what's happened.

This game has potential to become a great game just like Mad Father or Ib. You deserve recognition!! Looking forward for more updates of the game!