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I played both first demo and the second one and I really enjoyed it.

The atmosphere is great and very unsettling, the horror element is well done, the lack of background musics really enhances the experience, only hearing your footsteps and random noises in the enviroment is terrifying, the art style is really cool and pretty, the puzzle is very good (the first demo has better puzzles, but the second demo has more interesting puzzles in terms of concept and ideas, I just wish it has more hints since solving puzzles in the second demo is kinda harder than the first demo in my opinion because it somewhat lacks information), and the story is very interesting and I'm looking forward to see what's happened.

This game has potential to become a great game just like Mad Father or Ib. You deserve recognition!! Looking forward for more updates of the game!

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WOW thank you so much for your feedback! 

I understand that the puzzle is pretty difficult because there is not much information, so I will try to improve it in the full game!

No problem! I'm excited to see more!