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This game. It's great.

Not sure why but at the sort of child creature at the end of the level, nothing happened, I was stuck there. Child creature eventually disappeared. I was running Windows 64bit.

Great game, great music !

Took me a couple seconds to understand there was a long delay between pressing space bar and shooting. I would have shortened that time delay by a fraction of a second.

Music's cool, vaguely reminds me of Binding of Isaac. Personally I wouldn't have restarted the track at every level. Just keep it playing.

Cool ! Nice color themes .... Music may have been repetitive but not that bad at all. Kept being surprised by the next dimension.

Nice !

Hey, I'm Jamie (Milkshake89)

Following is my soundcloud page of some VGM I worked on. Please send me a message if you have a relatively small project that needs music. I work for free !

I get an error message when trying to open Parenting.exe

"Application folder: D:/Downloads/Parenting
There should be 'Parenting_Data' folder next to the executable"

I've had one of the players get stuck in a corner, sometimes. Usually when an object would push and squeeze them into a corner.