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there are only two! one for each of the options in the final menu choice, hope this helps!

thank you so much !!!!!!!!! i'm so glad you enjoy my games hahah ><

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hey! i won't be of much help since i'm hopeless at technology but i've asked a few people and here's what they suggest!

"Try to press Shift + G and then switch the renderer from automatic to either one of the other. Quit and then re-enter the game. If still not working try the other renderer. After that I don't know what else to do." (i'm not really sure what this means as i use a mac but i hope you can understand it!)

" maybe check renpy-related forums and stuff? since it might be a client issue." (from a dev who's also been having people tell them that their renpy game isn't running!)

1. Go to the game folder where the application's exe file is located.

2. Right click the exe file and click "properties". A new window will pop up.

3. There should be a box to check down below that should be saying "unblock".”

i hope this helps! and i'll update this comment if someone else has any other suggestions ^^

glad to hear that!

ahh!! sorry i don't think i'll be of much help as i don't use a windows computer, but maybe restarting would help?

hi! i’m sorry to hear that! would you mind taking a screenshot of the error?

this is so sweet thank you!!! i really hope you get back to drawing again! ^u^

there was haha!

i''ve never thought about doing that, but that'd definitely be cool!

oh! try choosing a different option for the very first choice!

hi thank you so much for this!! it's so cool to see a playthrough of my game in my mother tongue >w<

to get the fifth ending you just have to return to the final choice! a fourth choice should be available after getting all the other endings ^^

thank you! to be honest they're just part of the art style, but i like how they resemble certain pride flags! a happy little accident haha :D

i'd love if you streamed my game! please tell me if and when you do haha i'd love to watch it too >w<

i caught your stream! sadly i could only translate the chat into english but you and your chat were so funny! you guy seriously made my day haha ^^

noooo i'd love it if you'd stream this!! do tell me if you do haha i'd love to watch it >w<

hey! sorry i'm only getting back to you now ><

would you mind dming me again? i think i might've missed your dm the first time, really sorry about that!

hi! i've tried reuploading the files, let me know if it still doesn't work!

hi! to unlock the option for that ending you just gotta return to the final choice after unlocking all three character endings! hope this helps ^w^

i’ve received a similar comment once! unfortunately i’ve never tried bandori out but i do agree that spica resembles kaoru >w<

hey this was so sweet! embarrassed to admit that i couldn't get all the references but let me tell you i got INTO that idol debate (especially when they started talking about lovelive that is my JAM) i absolutely loved the poly ending it just felt so right for the three of them to be together! this was such an enjoyable game thank you so much for making this >w<

love this sprite of riley <3

thank you so much for this sweet review! >w<

good luck!

hi! screenshots taken with the s button appear in the game folder for me! i'm not really sure what the issue is, but maybe downloading the game again will help?

ahhh thank you so much!! please tag me if you ever do edits i'd love to see them!

thank you so much for this video!! i really enjoyed hearing it in french >w<

hi! when you open the zipped file pick the extract to option and choose a location! that should work!

thank you! i'd say these are their mbtis

spica: esfp

chinatsu: esfj

haruka: istj

yuki: infp

i hope the parallels don't include the traumatising parts haha!

thank you so much for playing it!!

thank you so much!!

there's no walkthrough but it's pretty easy to get all the endings! just pick every option that appears, there's a secret option at the end that only appears after you've picked all three others! hope this helps!

yep it's sfw haha!! the spiciest things that happen are cheek kisses >////<

i think you should be able to run the linux version!

here are some links that might help, feel free to contact me on twitter if you still face any problems!!

thank you so much!! >w<

thank you!! >w<

thank you so much!!

hi there! you have to extract it using a program like winRAR! if things still don't work out feel free to contact me on twitter!

thank you for the support!!

ahh thank you so much for making a playthrough of my game! >.< I absolutely love your thumbnails