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So glad you like the game and idea! There is certainly room for improvement on multiple front, as is true with most entries to a game jam. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t finish, and we certainly plan on tweaking difficulty and adding more engaging feature after the jam. Thank you for playing and providing feedback.

I’m glad you enjoyed the game! It is intended for mobile, and if you get the chance to try out the Android APK, it’s a bit more intuitive. What about the graphics and gameplay could be improved?

Thank you for playing!

I’m really glad you enjoyed the art! We actually had to limit the max speed the narwhal could move because you could move across the entire map in one swipe, but we’ll keep tuning it after the jam. Thanks for playing and providing feedback!

They are a little bit of bullies aren’t they? I’m so glad that you love the art! Along with a UI component for enemy health, we had other features planned, but didn’t have time to implement them as is common in a game jam. Thanks for playing the game and providing feedback.

Haha thank you, Spore is one of our favorite games too!

Thanks so much for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed the art! It’s definitely difficult but easier once you get the hang of it.

I’m so glad you like the art and music! We have a few ideas for improvements if we plan to release it post-jam. Thank you for playing and rating!

I think it’d be helpful for the players to either bundle the specific version of the JRE you need, or to list the specific JRE version you need in order to play. I am using the latest JRE v15.0.2

Fun game, I like the idea! I felt like a bit of tweaking could have made this better, I’d decrease the distance to the animals to push them as it was a bit hard to get them in the right direction. I like the music and sound, it’s very fitting of the gameplay. The art is cute and fits well for the game. My last suggestion would be to change the way that some of the animals interact with the player, as it seems that there are only 3 unique mechanics (cow/sheep, chicken, pig), with 2 being similar (cow/sheep and pig). I could see this expanded upon to include various behaviours for the animals (maybe the sheep like to stay together), and including more tools to help herding would be interesting. Overall fun game, and good entry!

I am unable to play this game, there seems to be an issue with the JAR. Let me know when you get it fixed and I’ll play the game and rate it!

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I would really like to try out the game, but am unable to play due to an issue with the WebGL version. I found these error messages in the Chrome console:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token
Rocket Riders(WebGL).loader.js:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: unityFramework is not defined
    at HTMLScriptElement.n.onload (

I did a bit of debugging for you, and it looks like the solution may be to disable compression. The link should has a good explanation of how to turn off compression in Unity.

Let me know when you get this sorted out, and I’ll definitely give this another shot and an rating! Best of luck, and don’t give up yet!

Hi, just wanted to let you know we’ve fixed some bugs with enemy spawning and added an Android APK download. Give the game another play if you have the time, and consider downloading it for mobile.

Thanks for the feedback! We’ve added a patch for the enemy spawning bug and also released an Android APK. Give the game another play if you have the time, and consider downloading on mobile for a better experience.

I’m the artist, so I’m glad you enjoy the art. I found a really interesting dithering texture when I was creating the fish scales that I ended doing some interesting blending with that I think turned out great. I was going for a kind of underwater wavy dither pattern with the background, is there something you’d change to fix the noisiness?

Thank you! I’ll pass the feedback to the musician. There was a bug where the enemies weren’t spawning correctly, it’s been updated to fix this bug. Give it another play if you have the time, and we’ve included an Android APK download, as we were targeting mobile for controls.

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately we only had 48 hours to make the game since we had work on the first day, so I understand the lack of depth. The map loops you around to the other side, so that may be why you see the weird color glitch and object positioning.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you had fun! c:

It’s great to hear that you like the the art, and I’ll pass the feedback to the musician!

Thanks for the feedback, what specifically about the graphics and gameplay could be better?

Fun game, it’d be nice to fast forward the dialog so that I can read at my speed instead of the print speed. Overall lot of fun, and quite a unique idea!

Thought about doing a dodgeball game myself, fun game but I had a really hard time catching the dodgeballs. Overall had fun, keep it up!

Great art/animations and sfx/music! Really like the minimal color palette and old school game design feel. I am impressed that this was made by one person, keep up the great work. I wouldn’t change anything about this game!

Fun game! I like the art and gameplay, very fun but also very challenging.

Fun game! I like the art and gameplay, very fun but also very challenging.

Really like the minimalistic abstract art style. I wish there was a slower ramp up in terms of difficulty, as it was hard to even make it more than 20 seconds before I would die. Maybe multiple lives before a game over would be a bit more forgiving.

Fun game, enjoyed the art and gameplay. Although it was a bit hard jumping over the enemy consistently.

Really fits the theme well, and the music was very in tune (pun intended) with the gameplay. I didn’t loose any health until pacman and then I immediately lost two hearts because he spawned right on top of me lol. Maybe consider implementing a cooldown on the player loosing health so that they don’t die from one or two mistakes. Overall great game, really enjoyed it!

I enjoyed the art and gameplay, but the music was a bit repetitive after the first game. I’m not sure how unlocking extra canons can help since they only aim at you. Overall I enjoyed the game, keep it up!

Fun game, although extremely difficult as there are no other indicators of when rain will fall besides audio. Maybe slowing down the rain a bit would help give the play a chance to escape, rather than just being doomed to die. I also had trouble sticking any landings as there is a lot of slide and it was hard to stay on any platformer I landed on. Overall I enjoyed the game, keep it up!

Nice game, not sure how punching works and my high score at the end always reset to 1, but I like the music and the mechanic of the game only running while you move is cool.

Thank you! We tried to design the controls for mobile, so it’s a bit weird using a mouse.

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