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The Director kept killing the mood every few seconds, but the story had a nice quick pace. I liked the interactions with Earthy and with the character that helps Earthy though. The art was incredible too.

Ending 3 is the only ending I'll accept too, I won't even try to earn the other endings, since ending 3 is so nice and loving. Amazing game!

Sweet! I have a navy blue shirt on the way.

If you can offer for additional merch, like dakimakura pillowcases of Chad Hawt-er-Hawkes or Nina, that would be cool too. Maybe have one side in courtroom all-business pose, and the other like an embarrased or shocked expression. I'd drop anywhere between 20$ to 70$ for something like that.

5/5 Stars! Interesting premise, excellent voice acting, lovely art. I loved every minute of it, and replaying it to get different endings. So far I've seen endings for Wren, Helewisa, Yggrainne, and Thiphania, and I'm replaying to see if there's endings for Angmar, Reimund, Rolfe, and Tillie.

That is an awesome title screen! It's quite sophisticated and stylish!

Thank you for sharing this. It helps remind me that everyone has needs and feelings, and that I can be a little kinder.

I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and atmosphere in this game. Nina is believable with her mannerisms and interactions with the judge and prosecutor, and the rest of the cast feel like developed characters, each with a backstory. Sometimes they have intertwining backstories. The writing is excellent and intelligent, but it's also easy to follow, which is pretty rare. 

There was even a nice teaser for the next chapter, so I feel a bit invested in seeing what happens to a couple of characters.

Hahaha. I look forward to seeing future battles between Nina and Prosecutor Hawkes.