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The tribal people around here in Nevada (in the USA) generally refer to their groups by either tribe name for a specific event or ceremony, or simply Indian for general use, with no negative connotation. It's funny, because I never hear a person from India (the country) call themselves Indian. They say they came from India, but once they have citizenship they just call themselves American. So nobody gets confused, unless you really don't have any Indian (indigenous) friends, or friends from India (the country). I guess outsiders would dither over what word is appropriate. It's not an issue at least where I live.

Wow this game is addictive. For everyone looking for 'the scene', which I didn't think existed until I tried something different on my last playthru, it exists. The thing I didn't realize is that you're supposed to talk to the imouto each day by clicking on her. Be a true Onii-chan, and it'll work out in the end. Just protecc, and you'll gain her respecc. 10/10 game.

In a New Game, I just type the cheat in where they ask the character name.

5/5 Stars. It was cute, but it would be nice if the EN version was uncensored.


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Sweet! :)

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Even a guy with ED can get it up pretty fast playing the Lorraine or Lily routes ;0

Super looking forward to a Patty route. Ramirez routes are amazingly written.

But man, man, man, it would be awesome if there was some route that combines a Max Good Lorraine, and Max Bad Kim route, where you can help Lorraine or include Lorraine in getting revenge over Kim. That...hoo boy, that would be hot.

edit: Or even a Max Good Lorraine and Max Good Kim where you reconcile them, that'd be equally awesome.

edit 2: Or a Player x Ramirez Bad X Grayson scene, :D heehee, this game has so many awesome possibilities

I see buying these releases as like the alternative to Patreon. I don't usually buy games in progress, and simply buy finished games here on so I don't have a Patreon. I guess buying the new releases each month for a comparable fee to a Patreon subscription is fair, since I could skip releases if a new batch of content isn't something I'm interested in.

That being said. I bought the previous release here, which was super hot. And then bought this release too, and it was worth it. If you're super patient, you could probably just wait till the final release and buy it once, then.

Back in the day, people bought game demo discs from stores to try out games before they released, so it seems like the same deal going on here, and seems fair to me.

I've played a lot of games that never got finished, but this one seems like it'll be finished one day. So, thanks dev for the regular progress! Take my money. :)

The Director kept killing the mood every few seconds, but the story had a nice quick pace. I liked the interactions with Earthy and with the character that helps Earthy though. The art was incredible too.

Ending 3 is the only ending I'll accept too, I won't even try to earn the other endings, since ending 3 is so nice and loving. Amazing game!

Sweet! I have a navy blue shirt on the way.

If you can offer for additional merch, like dakimakura pillowcases of Chad Hawt-er-Hawkes or Nina, that would be cool too. Maybe have one side in courtroom all-business pose, and the other like an embarrased or shocked expression. I'd drop anywhere between 20$ to 70$ for something like that.

5/5 Stars! Interesting premise, excellent voice acting, lovely art. I loved every minute of it, and replaying it to get different endings. So far I've seen endings for Wren, Helewisa, Yggrainne, and Thiphania, and I'm replaying to see if there's endings for Angmar, Reimund, Rolfe, and Tillie.

That is an awesome title screen! It's quite sophisticated and stylish!

Thank you for sharing this. It helps remind me that everyone has needs and feelings, and that I can be a little kinder.

I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and atmosphere in this game. Nina is believable with her mannerisms and interactions with the judge and prosecutor, and the rest of the cast feel like developed characters, each with a backstory. Sometimes they have intertwining backstories. The writing is excellent and intelligent, but it's also easy to follow, which is pretty rare. 

There was even a nice teaser for the next chapter, so I feel a bit invested in seeing what happens to a couple of characters.

Hahaha. I look forward to seeing future battles between Nina and Prosecutor Hawkes.