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Thank you for your comment! It is hard to understand what is wrong with your game, or what you can improve when you working alone, so your comment is very useful. When i finished a game i had a feeling that i created empty MMORPG =) I will try to fix things that you pointed, they seems reasonable. Thanks again for your review, hope we will join another jam together and will both improve our skills =)

Hi! To be honest, i am not playing this type of game very often, but i enjoyed it a lot and played for about 40 minutes. Let me briefly list my Pros and Cons:


  • Graphics: Everything in the same  style, animation of walking is really smooth.
  • Combat system: I am not sure, but i never seen anything like this, it is very unique and interesting.
  • Characters: All monsters looks aesthetic, like some post-apocalypse pokemons.
  • Intro: This reminds me about Undertale, but in a good and unique way.


  • Storyline: Maybe i didn't play too much, but i didn't see any quests or storyline. Fighting with enemies is interesting, but it becomes boring after about 15 matches. Not bad, but some story, like 2-3 quests, and map showing different environment could make it much better.
  • Interface and tutorial: The gameplay is interesting,but it was hard for me to understand how to play. Game asks me to press "x" button and it was not working. Make controls a bit more intuitive and it will be just fine. Writing tutorial under your game is nice, but it will be much better if you can play a game without reading tutorial document

That's all, i find this game really enjoyable and unique, like an old-school gameboy game. Hope to see you in the future! 

 I added different factions, because in the beginning i wanted to add ability to join different factions, but i had not enough content to make this feature interesting. Also, thanks to your comment, i see that i need to improve my UI and add tutorial. Thank you very much for your reply!

Nice game, interesting gameplay. This rats are really annoying! Also, turning around carrot is a real pain, fix colliders pls, maybe make all colliders round will be a solution.

Fun game with cool gameplay. Challenging levels, nice graphics. Enjoyed a lot!

I don't know, wtf is this, but it is fun! Creativity is amazing. Couldn't go anywhere after killing ghosts though. Some practice and you will be able to make good quest games!

Game is interesting, prediction of  trajectory is challenging, but control of a basket is a little bit too slow.  Or maybe it is just me as a casual player xD

If you can make multiplayer on this game - 10/10. Really fun to play. but at some point AI lags and stop moving, not happening everytime, but happened a few times.

I don't understand, what this game about, but i don't really need to. Fun game with simple gameplay. Spent about 10 minutes playing it. Worth it =)

Truly amazing game. Linear survival looks weird at the beginning, but then it looks much better, when you start being hungry and thirsty. When the night came it  really surprised me. Good Job!

Ahahah! That a nice game! I never thought of reversed ping pong gameplay before, this is amazing! I would like to have ability to mute music though, a little bit annoying. And when the game is finished it is not clear, what is my score. Everything else is really good!

The gameplay is actually not bad, and i think if you add 1 or 2 types of plants and design better interface it could be a full game ready for publishing in some mobile app stores.

So hard to kill this bugs. They are killing all of my ants, doesn't matter how many i collect. Game is really cool though. Some storyline would make it perfect.

Really liked your game! It is simple but atmospheric. And music is also good. 

I really liked your graphics and animation! But physics in game make it a little bit hard to play.