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okay, I finally did it. all the bosses defeated in a single run.  Hope you enjoy and/or learn something! 

EDIT: sorry had to re-upload.
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well after killing the bone boss and spike boss(?) I went on for about 3 more levels until my game experienced a massive amounts of lag, nearly crashing before spawning me into one single spike ball in the middle of what it seemed to be nothing, all my zooids like overlapped each other on the spike too which probably caused all the lag, having all my zooids die at the same time.

So after getting to a point in the game, I got so big my game did something as if it crashed, and then teleported me into a spike? is this...suppose to happen?

Thanks, I managed to kill the bone boss after trying like 60 times... I'll post a video here tomorrow. I was wondering hows the progress on the new update is coming?

0.81 play testing ;3

Sipho community · Created a new topic all fun and games.

until you're set down a whirling world pool with spikes in the middle of it only to meet certain death on the other side by the bone boss...