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How did you get the dynamic cutting of a static mesh? Is that unique to Unity at the moment? Or are you somehow faking the cutting like alot of cutting games. I just know it's not possible right now in Unreal Engine for real dynamic mesh cutting in real time. Everything has to be pre-cut, or replace the geometry with 2 new geometry.

Thankyou for the comments! I am making some changes to make it suited for everyone. I get motion sickness beyond belief, so I have it set up in VR for a speed to avoid motion sickness. In a couple days I will update it with an option to move faster, and make the enemies move a little faster making the game much more fast pace and exciting. I also will be adding one more hit point to the player so people get finish the whole mountain level., and figuring out how to get the leap motion mounted on the occulus with good tracking, its been a struggle so far, but much more emersive.