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mikeNspired ShooterView game page

MegaMan inspired Shooter and gunrange, desktop and virtual reality support
Submitted by mikeNspired

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mikeNspired Shooter's page

Please describe your creation.
Megaman inspired leapmotion shooter- Virtual reality and desktop PLEASE view game page to view instructions on how to play. There is a slight learning curve 20$ Amazon gift care for Highest Score screen shot

Programming language?
Unreal Visual Scripting

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Thankyou for the comments! I am making some changes to make it suited for everyone. I get motion sickness beyond belief, so I have it set up in VR for a speed to avoid motion sickness. In a couple days I will update it with an option to move faster, and make the enemies move a little faster making the game much more fast pace and exciting. I also will be adding one more hit point to the player so people get finish the whole mountain level., and figuring out how to get the leap motion mounted on the occulus with good tracking, its been a struggle so far, but much more emersive.

Nice graphics!


Well that was BONKERS! Didn't "get it" during the gun range, but had a blast VR-ing through the mountain level and reached the end. Using the knockback on enemy projectiles felt natural, and it controlled surprisingly well with the leap motion as soon as I started using both hands Megaman style. Like the automatic charge up too, and responsive hit reactions on the enemies. The level felt too long - my arms were definitely tired by the end, but I enjoyed this waaay more than I thought I would :)

You've done a great job integrating Leap Motion and Virtual Reality into a very enjoyable rail shooter. Keep up the good work.