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Hey there, thank you for the feedback <3
I completely forgot to update this tool, sorry x')

I'll make a round of safety checks and update it ;)

Thanks bro

If you ever have any technical questions don't hesitate

That kind of tilesets makes me want to make games so badly

thanks !! ^^

This game is the perfect nightmare...

Did you go out of your way to make the frame rate that horrible ?

Pretty good
It gets stale pretty fast but hey, that's gamejam games for you x)
Not much overhead which makes it a bit hard

There's a slight problem with your human character, the jump is just a bit too late. If you trigger the jump just a tad bit earlier you can make it fit nicely

Not only did I not make a game about rage...
...I'm also late !

I did my part of lame for this jam I think

Where's the GotY edition ?

Greetings fellow biological creatures

Glad that you like it !

It's for opening the "daily sport" panel.
Sorry I thought I left the tutorial for that in the app ^^'

Ugly crying baby in the mall simulator
10 / 10 would how again

Hey there, amazing sounds !

I'd like to use them for my game :

Is that okay with you ?

Of course you'll be credited in the game ;)

By the way which ES version of JavaScript is it running?

Perfect !

Maybe this should be added to documentation for beginners. It's my first time using JavaScript so I don't know how basic this is.

Hell yeah this sound awesome !

Well I'm just starting javaScript so building a custom version of the engine is not an option for me :P

Did somebody find a way to add a .txt file to the project and read data from it?
I plan on doing some dialogue so it's absolutely necessary.

Oh well usually it's a matter of Intellisense.
For example if I type "" I don't have the suggestion for, but I have the suggestion for "ct.u.deltaDir( )"
Also It doesn't suggest variables that you create earlier in the script or that the class (and/or parent classes) contain like this.speed or this.ctype

Since we're coding in javaScript is there a way to plug in an external code editor like Atom or VsCode ?

I officialy announce my latest game Island in the Sky !

it's a small adventure game for android phones with a heavy emphasis on storytelling.

Follow the adventure of Rokh, a kestrel falcon from the hidden world of talking animals, while he tries to warn his old friend Berlioz of the wrong doings of Hoxion, a huge company researching optics and radiations.

The game is still in development. Check the devlogs for further details at :

This game might have the worst physics engine ever....but you can drift so who cares?

(1 edit)

The Master version of Little Paper Plane is finaly available!
I added a lot of mecanics!

I was wondernig how much time it would take to make a game as fast as possible. I made this game in 8 hours.

It's a good base for work so I'm probably going to upload a more advanced version later.