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Love the game, gets so fast near the end, managed to get only 6.583 seconds of ads, great work Legion!

I got someone's woomy, thank you for it

This game was awesome! love the concept of making the music in any order, some bits were challenging but I loved this game overall!

Thanks for the early update WOTB! Have a safe trip!

I had to join, how can I get the accepted role btw?

THATS ALL!?!?! Omg, thank you so much, i can finally continue!

Idk if this has been happening for anyone else, but whenever the MC gets home with Sho, on day 20, after they talk for a bit, and exception occurs in the game and I can't progress to day 21, can someone help me with this?


I just tried it out, it was interesting, but not what i expected, it was still a good ending non the less

I actually wanna try this route out, ima do it now

Wait, i think i know what happens, i dont wanna spoil it, but i have a feeling that this happens at the festival... just saying, it looks like it

Yeah, I noticed too, it made me laugh so hard

Wait, theres a time limit for the CS?

OMG, the jun update put tears in my eyes the second i saw the ending, this update was by far my favourite, thank you so much WOTB!!! <3

Is there any way to download this game on a chromebook? ive been wanting to get it for this so i could play it while im on the bus, but i cant seem to find out how, if anyone can help me, that would be greatly appreciated <3~

New updateeeeeeee!!!!!~


I'm pretty sure the next update comes out tomorrow, i'm super excited~!!

The update should be out on March 16th, but this update will be for Keisuke's path, but it feels like its been forever since the last Keisuke update, I hope it'll be a good one! <3~

Ah, so you have just hit the best part, i felt the same way when i reached day 15, when the update ended, i was so sad to know that  i have to wait a month to read more, but im always ready for the next update!

oh trust me, you will enjoy every moment of the story, from the happy, to the sad,  it will always surprise me at what WOTB has to offer in every update 

its clear to see that its NSFW in the link, its on WOTB's twitter and its a teaser for a new update of the Shoichi path.

I discovered this game when i was feeling depressed and looking through itch because i felt bored, i found this game and i thought: "Huh, looks pretty good, ima try it out" and I tell you, I don't regret getting it at all, this game shows so much passion and work that it just fits so perfectly with the audience, the music, artwork, characters, and story line, all fit so well together that you cant say its a bad game, I hope you enjoy this game as much as everyone else does! <3

its gonna be a while, but im ready for anything WOTB wants to throw at us, even if its NSFW, its still amazing

it is, really, i love the concept and the story line of each character, and the way the mood gets in certain situations, really makes you feel like you are in the game with it, and the music....the music is amazing, it sets the mood for whatever is happening, and the expressions are incredible, also, did you see the new thing on his Twitter, its pretty cool

Woah woah woah, i...i dont think im ready to see this yet, i think we get to see some NSFW soon, wow, sweating right now, thats just, wow

I was sad too that Sho didn't win the last game, but still...that moment in the closet was getting pretty heated, i didnt know what was gonna happen, but all in all, its one of the most detailed routes in the game, there is so much effort and time put into it, and the writing and music sets the mood in certain situations.

Don't worry, whenever you download the new update, you just gotta extract the folder and play from there, all your saves will still be there, don't worry

oooohhhhh, i never saw the smile on his face before, i thought i saw it once, but i just ignored it, thats awesome to hear that WOTB puts so much detail into his sprites and all that <3

?, why wouldn't Sho let MC join the team, didn't Sho ask MC to join a little while ago, or was that with his sister?

Haruki got new expressions? I didn't see them when i played the new update, unless you are on android, i think yours is different, also, does Haruki get a dating route as well? or is it just as a friend type of thing, because im on pc, so idk if new stuff comes out different for you if you are on android

i wish, really, i really want it to happen sooner or later, its bound to happen probably, the newest update got pretty sexual, so i wouldn't doubt it

I cried so much as well during the update, it shows so much passion in the writing that it really makes me feel part of the story just by seeing how well the story is written, its funny at some points, and when sho and MC were in the closet, and sho kinda did that.....thing with MC's hand, it made me feel in so much suspense when i saw it happen, this game is perfect in so many ways, i have never seen a visual novel with so much work done and so much love put into it, i hope that many people see this game and think "hey, this is an amazing novel, i want to meet the creator and tell him that i love his work!" 

Wow, what an amazing update, it had me in so much suspense,laughter and i actually cried at some points, this update showed so much passion in Shoichi's and Yuuchi's relationship together, thank you very much WOTB, keep making great updates like these! <3

wait, nvm, its for Shoichi, i thought it was for Jun lol

huh, im not seeing the new update, i downloaded it and extracted it, but it still ends at day 16, can anyone help?

Im so excited to see what's to come in the new update!!!!!

I think he will be jealous, but if you completed the Shoichi path, remember when he almost broke into tears because he thought we didn't love him? I was very curious as I played the other 2 paths with  Jun and Keisuke about how he would react, I think he will be more than jealous, he'll probably be sad, but we don't know until it happens :P

When I replayed the story, I decided to go home instead of going with Jun, and thats when I saw the expression again, i still wonder if we will still be friends with Shoichi if he finds out that Yuuchi is dating either Jun or Keisuke.

i remember Jun getting hurt while playing the piano, but i dont remember us getting hurt on D5, or any day with Jun really. i guess we'll wait for the next update and see what happens! I havent completed the new day for Jun yet :P


ooh, i wonder as well, when we were on the roof with the white wolf, i never saw that expression on Shoichi before, it scared me.