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You good, that is fairly standard English. Better than mine lol and I'm native.

I think it would be cool if the game had candies instead of hearts and then you would find houses around the level and would have to ring the doorbell of the house and it would either spawn a candy or a enemy and it would feel like Trick or Treating throughout the whole game and maybe you could hide some houses and put some houses near traps so you would to ring the doorbell and avoid the traps! 

I have a few of them. I can send them to you on discord if you want or you can look at them on my old page and then respond to me here if you are interested in any of them. Just some little arcade or mobile type games that I don't work on anymore.

Yeah I just thought that the game would be better as it's original IP just throwing a suggestion though, the game seems great regardless. I was just saying like, with mythology your restrained to the confines of mythology if it was your own world you could do anything, but each has it's pros and cons, I was just saying.

I think if I remember correctly you need to use the knight to go around the top platform to get the dragon underneath, I think I am referring to the 4th level. But either way, thanks for trying my game out!

That was the intended idea was to make it where their movement was dependent on each other like, you have to work your way around the level, to make sure the knight would get the dragon and where the dragon would not get the princess. I admit the level design is very raw and the game is more of just a concept. But what you are describing is the ideal structure which I will work on if I decide to polish the game. This was really more of just a concept

I agree I started the jam a but late and just wanted to get the idea out there, I am aware that it has many mechanical issues and is not polished I just thought to get the concept out there

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Great game, I will say this though, the mythology is limiting you hardcore. I would just change it to GO Heroes maybe you can be in Greece for the setting or something but, I think making it intentionally mythology is limiting your potential. Maybe you can have influence from that but I would just call it GO Heroes and re-theme it because this is already a rare take on adventure games and in my own opinion watching it, this reminds me of Zelda and Dragon Quest I really think mythology is going to limit yourself, make up your own characters and names and this will be so much greater to me. Like the mythology is very popular but it has recently been done with a few games already Fenyx Rising(BOTW clone) and Hades, so I would say make it GO Heroes and then re-theme it because this is too original to be grouped into cliché by the theme. This is my opinion but I just think you have something too nice to let it just be drowned out by a theme,  I wouldn't say change the game but I would say don't mirror mythology just take your influences and create your own twist to it