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Will this work!

witch operating system are you using?

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I will be adding control rebinding in future updates but that will cost money ($30) because blueprint system in Unreal engine 4 currently doesn't support this feature. 

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Is your problem now fixed? 

Adding weapon attachments.

I will add mac compatibility in next update

Carrots in next update i will add more harvest able  food and also craftable

You probably have older computer that doesn't support DX11

Building interiors work in progress.

Try to disable your anti virus 

Thank you for your feedback

1. NPC is already fixed (released in next update) 

  • You will be able to kill him
  • He will be able to shoot you
  • He will be lootable when you kill him

2. Yes I need to add sound (different gun shots, sound on tool use..) Now I am working on ambient occlusion.

3. Water need physics (floating) and later I will be adding animation for swimming

4. Yes M- First person mode

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I am publishing new update right now and tell me if that happens again.

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Are you guys on same network if not you need to use Hamachi and create virtual network. 

Dedicated servers will come when someone sonates some momey because they are expensive. 

Working on interior.

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You need to make LAN server. You will probably have to use Hamachi. 

Replied to CodinGlitch in Settings

And bug is alredy fixed

New water plant.

New gun models.

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Underwater post processing.

Created a new topic Teasers and previews.

I will be posting images from my game.

Just small updates like new models and map changes...

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Settings options are in game menu now. But there is a little bug if you cant click anything in inventory just click "esc" or "p" once and it will work.

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I am already working on setting up settings and controls rebinding system and I will optimize game in pribably next two updates. 

Thank you for your feedback. 

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Thank you! 

I am working on it very often. 

Do you work with unreal engine 4?