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Love this supplement! Very interesting concepts. Two things about the files:

The file named MobileLandscapeFitD appears to be for PbtA and not FitD (referencing 12+ rolls). 

Is it possible to get a portrait version of the FitD rules, just like for PbtA?

EDIT: Ignore my first query, the doc is correct. I must've been looking at the wrong doc!

Such a good game for playing out tragic Gothic vibes. Had a great time being repressed and sad playing it 😌

Just bought the game and am so excited to play it! Wondering if there's an online character keeper for it?

Hey! I'm preparing to run this game tomorrow for a group online and I'm wondering if there is an online character keeper template available?

Ooh ok thank you, I'll try that

Hi, I bought the game but when I clicked download nothing happened. My OS is Windows and for reference, I was able to download another game so it shouldn't be an issue on my end. Help!

Looks cute! Will wait for more chapters to be released before playing. Adding it to my watchlist!

This game looks super cool and I'm excited to try facilitating it this weekend. I have some questions about the mechanics though. 

1.) We will be a group of 3. How do I as both the facilitator and a player distribute roles to each of us in secret if and I'll know what roles I've distributed. Wouldn't that give me an unfair advantage? 

2.) The PDF says that if there are three players to give one player two roles. But a lot of the win conditions on the roles are opposed to each other so is it on me as the facilitator to decide which player gets which two roles? And is it necessary to make sure that every role is fulfilled? Or can we give each player just one role?

Makes sense! I look forward to updates in the future!

Very cool game! (Love all the horse illustrations.) One question - what are the sections with "tbd" in them? Or what are they standing in for? Pictures? Possible extra rules?

Perfect thank you!

Awesome! I'm really loving the setting and pacts right now. Excited to see the next version as well!

Gotcha! Thanks for the clarification! I would not have been able to figure it out otherwise XD

Question about The Brand playbook: under Trappings, Common Sense is crossed out. What does that mean? Is it not available to be used? Or is that a sort of ironic stylistic choice?

Rebel Crown community · Created a new topic Online Keeper?

Hey I've been itching to try out this game and am wondering if there's an online keeper via Google sheets or Roll20 that I can use to run the game? Still quarantining and can't run the game in person unfortunately.

No problem! One more feedback - I wasn't sure what to do with the "move suspicion onto another person" prompt/victory condition since there didn't seem to be a mechanical benefit to those prompts, meaning that I can fictionally say "I plant evidence on so-and-so" but I'm still no closer to eliminating tokens. 

I love this game. It's by far my favourite Wretched and Alone game so far. The layout is simple and beautiful and the prompts are as hard-hitting and evocative as you can hope for them to be. The only things that were hard to reconcile during gameplay had to do with continuity - I drew two cards about supplies that couldn't have happened on the same day so I had to disregard one (while making the pull for it) in order to keep the narrative coherent. I encountered another case where I couldn't reconcile the continuity regarding the best friend because I drew a certain card before the other. If those prompts could be edited to counter continuity issues that would be amazing.

Regardless, still an excellent game! Highly recommend anyone interested to give it a go!

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This game is unfinished - it doesn't specify the setup of the jenga tower but then tells you to make pulls in the prompts. There is also no text on what to do after the tower falls and/or you've drawn enough death cards. That being said, the actual prompts are evocative and interesting. I highly recommend checking this out once you've played a Wretched and Alone game or two.

(Would also love to see a more complete version of the game. Again, it was very fun to play!)

Great concept! The prompts were good, though the random nature of the cards meant that I had to go back to fix some of what I wrote before in order to match the current prompt. It's hard to come up with a cohesive mystery based on random prompts, that's for sure! Still recommend giving the game a go though!

Perfect! I'm excited!

Hi! Bought the game and am wondering if there's a google sheet for online play?