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Great concept! The prompts were good, though the random nature of the cards meant that I had to go back to fix some of what I wrote before in order to match the current prompt. It's hard to come up with a cohesive mystery based on random prompts, that's for sure! Still recommend giving the game a go though!

thanks for the feedback! :)

No problem! One more feedback - I wasn't sure what to do with the "move suspicion onto another person" prompt/victory condition since there didn't seem to be a mechanical benefit to those prompts, meaning that I can fictionally say "I plant evidence on so-and-so" but I'm still no closer to eliminating tokens. 


I agree. I had the same problems. I still enjoyed it though. It let me take out some steam by imagining the murder of my coworker in the office. :D I've recommended the game to a friend. I didn't even get to see most of the prompts because my guilt got to me, so I think I'll play it again after the next company meeting. XD

Thank you for the comment! This was the first game I made, so definitely lots to learn for me - but I am glad people are finding ways to enjoy it.