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fantastic work !!

Got to the opening screen hit all the keys to try and move to the beginning but it wouldn't start !

unfortunately I couldn't   get past the beginning screen but it look good from the screen shots !

While the graphics were a bit rough, you more than made up for it with game play and features, it's a great concept !

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Yes like it the best so far, simple but effective graphics, excellent work !

Yes like the game play, great work !

Yes I see it now, you pointed it out to me. I couldn't see for looking Lol!. Thanks for the help

When you go to the entries everyone has a picture of there project accept me!

I'm not not sure why?

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Tried posting image in a few places but no luck thanks anyway, you're one of the few who try to help people !

Thanks I'll have a look !

How do you add a picture to the project I don't think the star is a good look ! Lol

Play through of the games I've also converted it to android !

It's great to see everyone having a go and all types of software to. Wow some of the top guys are way ahead of me but having good fun with voice overs and different elements which I've never tried before. May do a buildbox walk through if I have time. Keep them coming everyone !

Level 3 WIP

Level 2 WIP

Yes posted the first version but not sure how to put it up. It's only a test level before I get into it. Can't wait to see what the rest of you guys do !

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Some Wip

I've never done a games jam, so thought I would give it a go. I'm using buildbox 2 so it will only export .exe or apk's hope that is ok ?