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i have an iphone XS and trying to run this game in browser is not possible, i hit run game and it’s just an empty black screen, what do i do

im stuck in the forgotten attic where all the dolls chase you, I found the wood plank to use for a bridge but it wont let me pick it up and I keep dying so I just stopped playing the game, I really wanna finish this amazing game! someone help?

i played this awhile ago but forgot to comment, amazing game!! super fun and scary and arias sprite is adorable (even when she dies-) very well crafted! I found a problem near the end where she just stopped moving but I just exited the game and restarted and she moved other than that super amazing game

im on windows

im trying to download on mac and im only seeing the extractor show up and i ca t get to a file at all :(

how do i get the true ending i cant figure it out and im very curious-

rip granny and goldie


i cant figure out the trap door code no matter what i put in

I died when I fist got to the nightmare dimension thing by going to thst house and getting sucked into it, then I had to restart the whole game over. I did that, then I got to the part where I have to find the 24 riches, I found all 24 (I counted) but it still said I didn't find them all, then I accidentally hit a button and it just restarted the entire game. I read the instructions but I couldn't open the menu and there was no save option or anything so im giving up because I refuse to run through all the mazes again and again just because I keep dying or accidentally hitting things :(. I was really excited, the game looked so good and promising. 

i forgot it was you who made the phobia project ! I have the demo on my laptop- ive been waiting so long for that ! im sure they'll both be amazing just like the original purple was ! I was never able to get the good ending no matter what I did but I loved it so much it was such an amazing game and youre an awesome developer as well as artist n writer ! <3

wait is this like a new one??? or a revamp

5 stars

lol ofc! im looking forward to the full release

click on the floor grate by the milk poster

ofc!! and i love the bnha pfp lol

this was adorable, and made me cry thinking of my dog who passed a few months back,  i miss him but i know hell be okay

it should bring up a file, hit the one that says application, then extract all and then itll bring you to another folder and click application again then it should open, sorry that was a bad explanation

thats what i was thinking and tried using my mouse and jumping or typing words but nothing happened

i watched jack play this and thought i wouldnt be scared but god i was covering the screen so i could just see the bottom and i- i hate this i hate you i hate it. good job im gonna go like cry now 

you could download it but you can play it the same without downloading

im so confused and have no idea what im supposed to do, all i can do is walk back and fourth through the house and see the papers twice at the book and then by the fire, ive jumped and tried going up the stairs what am i supposed to do??


I've looked up walkthroughs left and right and in the doll chase scene in the forgotten attic it doesn't let me place down the wooden plank, I get the wood and run to where the save box is with the hole I need to cross and it just doesn't work, I've tried and tried for a few days now..?

I cant find james after she sleeps o the couch, ive looked in everywhere possible?

hi! so i found another thing, right before the fight with dark it says 'missing file battle9' and ive scrounged around everywhere and all I can find is



and battle3???

I tried downloading the gamejolt version too and he link doesn't work.. I tried typing and it just does not load so im unable to get to it ?

hey! so, I cant find the file anywhere in my computer?

thanks you! :)

hey! so.. ive passed all trials, and I went to o the trial of fear and it said 'unable to find audio file wind , so I went outside the fortress and went to find slendy, and on my way to him it also said 'unable to find audio file wind' ….? and every time it says that the game crashes and exits :( wanted to finish it..

I deleted the file and recovered it and now its working, not sue what happened lol

I did, and it popped up saying I had to download rpg maker

hi! cool little game, just so you know, I found this on another site!

if you already know about it and the pixel person is you then were all good! if not, they seem to be claiming this game as theirs

I go to download an it takes me to the gamejolt page and then just stops loading..? ive tried the alternate download metod ive tried opening in chrome ive tried refreshing and nothing! I was really wanting it to work.. :( it looked like a nice game..

it says I need rpgmaker to play it... :(

defo worth getting both endings! question,


is it like, dead little children in the cages and stuff or? and what did Rosalie mean in her diary they look like her and I cant do it? ive thought so much and I cant guess it

I played through this whole game awhile ago , but just wanted to stop and say wow!

oh my goodness.... I took the mark route and got the good end and stuck around and read what you had to say.. I cried, no way to hide it. They've touched me so much and with this game being able to kind of dream about meeting them and having that kind of experience. It was amazing, your message at the end was truly, truly amazing.. ill be sure to spread the word about your game and heck, maybe, mark jack and matt will play it at a voidcon someday, huh?

where can I get chapter 1 in English?