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hey! so.. ive passed all trials, and I went to o the trial of fear and it said 'unable to find audio file wind , so I went outside the fortress and went to find slendy, and on my way to him it also said 'unable to find audio file wind' ….? and every time it says that the game crashes and exits :( wanted to finish it..

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Super apologies for this! I'll look up my files and replace the RTP very soon!

In the meantime, try the GameJolt version HERE. If you install it somewhere new, you should be able to copy and paste your Save files and keep all your progress. Until then, I'll get this updated post-haste!

UPDATE - I've uploaded the correct file needed "Wind.ogg". I don't know why the RTP didn't include it. Just place it inside the Audio/BGS folder located where you installed the game. Sorry for the inconvenience this caused you!

thanks you! :)

hey! so, I cant find the file anywhere in my computer?

I tried downloading the gamejolt version too and he link doesn't work.. I tried typing and it just does not load so im unable to get to it ?

hi! so i found another thing, right before the fight with dark it says 'missing file battle9' and ive scrounged around everywhere and all I can find is



and battle3???