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This is an awesome game with very interesting mechanics. It is too hardcore for me though. I would like to explore it more but the timing is too tight and the fact that you have to restart from the first level every time you fail is frustrating.

I am throwing a lot of points at you because this is nonetheless a very interesting game, good job. I hope you will do a more forgiving version for us soon. Like double the time and let us retry the same level several times!

Great game, very polished! Nice graphics and +1 for the online leaderboard (in which you will probably never see me, I have a hard time passing the 350 days mark).

Nice puzzle mechanics! You could explore more types of action buttons and create many more levels, there could be many possibilities!

Currently you cannot see which one of the 3 squares you control, it would be nice to add a visual indicator.

Well done!

Nice experience! I don't think I got all the endings... I should try again tomorrow.

Nice experience! I don't think I got all the endings... I should try again tomorrow.

Well done and +1 for the nice pixel art and animations!

Note that in order to play, I have to switch my keyboard to US-English mode ; on the French keyboard (AZERTY), the key Z is at the same location as W on a QWERTY keyboard. Thus pressing Z acts both as UP and SHOOT.

Solutions: change key to X or use keyboard.ARROW_UP instead of keyboard.UP

It's a cool game! +1 for local multiplayer

Amazing! And done with the 2D API! Very fun to play, just in its current state it seems the ball can go through the walls sometimes, have you experienced this? It made it hard for me to pass certain levels.

This game is so funny! The sound fx are hilarious! Fits perfectly the jam theme and optional requirements.

Cool game, with a great title! I like that the game is feature complete, includes help and integrates the theme and requirements of the jam so well. Congratulations to all the team!

Doesn't start for me on Chrome (black screen). It works on FireFox. +1 for the epic music!

Cool mini-game :-) It took me time to find the 3rd key ; I liked the art style!

This is a true masterpiece to me. I was really moved by the story, the art is simple but beautiful, and there are very original ideas that serve the game so well. You have a real talent!

Nice game!

Cool game! It was fun to play but also quite hard!

THREE days left to go until the end of the jam (and a few hours!). I hope your game is taking shape :-)

Tomorrow, Friday September 23rd from 9AM to 5PM CEST, I will be available to help you for your project. You can ask me anything, I can help you fixing a problem in code, creating sprites, sounds. I will be happy to give a hand (and you don't have to credit me!). Join the official Discord (  and send me a DM if you want me to help you.

Good luck everyone for the remaining time of the jam! Remember that you can already submit your game in its current status, you will still be able to update it until the jam ends.

We have updated the Game Cartridge requirement ; there are actually two different Game Cartridge designs:

  • One is a 630x500 pixels image and must be used as "cover image" on
  • The other one may be used as "poster" sprite in your microStudio project, whenever you also publish your game on ; publishing on is not a requirement, but it is cool if you can do it too

Check for all the official information ; do not hesitate to ask for help in this community or on the Discord server.

Your game should be submitted during the time of the jam. Once submitted, you can still make changes to your game and upload improvements / fixes, so do not hesitate in submitting early.

To submit your game, publish it on as a new game. The preferred format is to submit it as an HTML5 game: use export to HTML5 in microStudio and upload it as an HTML5 game on This is the best way to allow everyone to test and rate your game, from any platform.

Optionally you can add downloadable versions for Windows, Mac, Linux but this is not required and does not provide any benefit for the jam.

Once your game is published on, go to the jam page and create your submission entry.

You may also publish your game on, but this is not mandatory.

If you have any questions about submission, please post them here!

microStudio Game Jam #3 is starting in 12 hours! It is still time to join :-) (you can even join after the jam is started I believe)

Make sure to check the theme, rules and optional requirements on

Good luck and have fun everyone!

Hi, there are a bunch of interactive tutorials (in French) in the Tutorials section of microStudio. Also may I suggest you to join the French Discord: ; I am French too by the way, see you there!!

Visual scripting is not planned for the core microStudio app.

I would mention though that microStudio now has a plug-in system, which would make it possible for anyone to create visual scripting tools for it! This is on my list of possible plug-ins I would like to create one day, but there is no guarantee I will actually do it. Maybe someone else will make it before I do :-)

Thanks to the help from the community, microStudio is available in 7 languages :-) We will be happy to add Chinese when someone volunteers to work on it!

The desktop version was designed to work 100% offline. It has all the features of the online version, except these two, that can only work online, but you will see there are easy workarounds anyway:

  • Builders for Windows / Mac  / Linux / Android can only work online. Workaround: when you are ready to build, export your project, import it in the online version (can be on a simple guest account), and build it. Another way to do it is to export your game to HTML5 and then use Electron or Cordova to build it on your own machine.
  • Community Plug-ins and Libraries are not visible in the standalone app. Workaround: you can browse public libraries and plugins in the online version and if you need one, just export it and then import it in your standalone app. You can now use it in all your projects.

It seems it wouldn't be easy to make or provide a 32 bit build :-/ However, you can use microStudio from your web browser on ; or if you really need to work offline / locally, you can follow the instructions here to install and run microStudio on your system:

I am glad it worked! I will try to set-up a Pi OS 64 sometime here too, so that I can provide the 64bits package too.

Hi! I guess this is because I am building the app on a Pi OS 32. You might want to try my recipe for building a microStudio standalone app on your setup:

Let me know how it went!

Project sync is best achieved with the online version, but if you prefer to use the standalone, I guess Syncthing is a great option too! If you are looking for the correct folders to synchronize, you will find answers here:

The 50 mb limitation is only for the online service, the standalone does not have such limitations.

Note that you can also get more storage on the online service by subscribing to my Patreon: :-)

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microStudio uses the full resolution available on the user's screen. If you want to make your game look 256x144, you will just have to scale your sprites accordingly. The coordinate system automatically sets the total view height to 200 "units" when in landscape mode, thus here is how you could draw an 8x8 sprite:

screen.drawSprite( "my8x8sprite", x, y , 8/144*200 )

Oh and I almost forgot, you could also just scale the screen once and then use your own coordinates system all along:

screen.setScale( 200/144, 200/144 )

// you can then use

screen.drawSprite( "my8x8sprite", x, y , 8, 8 )

As 256x144 is a 16:9 ratio, you may also want to select "force ratio: 16:9" in your project settings.

microStudio is a code-centric game engine, thus you will do programming in it. But fear not, it includes a rich documentation and many interactive tutorials to get you started in no time!

Of course you can, without any restriction or requirement. microStudio is free and open source (MIT license).

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The pencil tool, fill bucket tool and eraser tool all have an opacity setting which you can use to add some transparency to your colors. The engine works fully offline, but it also does include a few links to features that can only exist online, such as the Community (user forum) and the Explore section (view projects published by other users).