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The desktop version was designed to work 100% offline. It has all the features of the online version, except these two, that can only work online, but you will see there are easy workarounds anyway:

  • Builders for Windows / Mac  / Linux / Android can only work online. Workaround: when you are ready to build, export your project, import it in the online version (can be on a simple guest account), and build it. Another way to do it is to export your game to HTML5 and then use Electron or Cordova to build it on your own machine.
  • Community Plug-ins and Libraries are not visible in the standalone app. Workaround: you can browse public libraries and plugins in the online version and if you need one, just export it and then import it in your standalone app. You can now use it in all your projects.

i see. thanks a lot ;D