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Thanks! When will the update be released?

Thank you so much for listening to our input, I’m really excited for this update. Also if it’s not on your list already, it would be really convenient if there was an easier way to delete notes, as right now I have to click on each one at a time. For example, if you click to delete a note and continue holding, maybe it could delete any notes you drag over. Thanks!

Thank you. Also is there any way to have the instruments you have playing carry over when you switch to a new page? Otherwise you either have to create all of the instrumental loops again, or you’re limited to like 8 measures. Thanks so much

Hey, thank you so much. Sorry if I sounded rude in my comment, I was just a little frustrated. But yeah, if you were able to add these features, I would easily use this for all of my games:

1. Export x measures as WAV (the output file would ideally include the live stuff too, ie the arpeggiated section because that helps a lot with making music quickly)

Thank you so much, I would be so happy if you could add this. I want the loop to be perfect but I haven’t been able to do this so far by exporting to another program and cutting it manually :)

Title says it all. I think this is a good tool if there's a way to say "I want to export the first 4 measures" and it lets you do that. I need to do this because I want a short looping audio for this game. It doesn't work if I have to manually press the record button and then release it at the end, because it's impossible to do end it so it loops perfectly. I also couldn't find a way to get rid of the fadeout that happens when you export as a WAV. I'll be honest, this is kind of disappointing if there's no way to do this and I won't be using this tool if there's no way to do it.

Cool, I like it

Awesome game! Would it be ok if I made a sort of spinoff of this, building off of some of your ideas?

Haha thanks, that’s what I was going for

Thank you! I'll think about adding more levels.