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Holy shit Sibley, this is a game!

The art in this is absolutely beautiful, and charming as all hell. The story was intensely adorable, and it actually did a good job at progressing it throughout instead of shoving the development at the beginning and end.  I didn't like the way making an attack locks you into a move. It made it feel clunky. It was a lot like Dark Souls, and not in a good way. It's a shame, because the enemy variety in this game is great! I love how they all have unique ways of attacking, and the sound when you hit those little orb drones is so satisfying, like batting a balloon.

Great job!

~10% better.

This game was absolutely incredible! The tagline is very accurate, as this is probably the most tense I have ever been while playing a game with such simple and "cute" graphics! While I don't know if this is a great "stealth" game in my eyes, it is probably the best "chase" game I've ever seen! Replace invisibility with hiding in a convenient alleyway and this would be like playing a scene straight out of a tense action movie!

I love the sound effects. When the music was starting all slow, I had a lot of fun timing my invisibility noise to the music. And the "bullies" are some of the most arsch clenchingly terrifying enemies I've seen in a while! And the sound effects that play when they catch you are so wonderfully brutal! The only way you could make that more dark and shocking is if the sounds continued while the screen faded to blue. At the end of each major room, I found myself going "Oh god, the game's not over yet!?!?" I mean that in the best possible way, as I genuinely wanted to escape because this game is tense as all get out!

I will say that this game can be pretty frustrating when you die. If you die three fourths of the way through, you're doing all of that over again. Now, this isn't that much of a problem normally, but when you're playing a stealth game where you have to try and be careful, it can be super annoying to have to go through it all again just for a shot at making progress. However, I'm not sure how I'd fix this. Would I really be as tense if I knew I would simply restart at a checkpoint? Maybe one checkpoint half way through would be a good compromise, or perhaps even an option for it.  Maybe the game would start off with checkpoints but you could unlock the challenge mode where there are none. Of course, this was a game jam project so you may not have had time for stuff like that.

Another thing was that there would be moments where I'd be in one of those little passageways (like the one shown in the screenshot) and there would be a ton of guys, so I'd have to slowly inch my way out. Eventually I discovered that if I didn't constantly try to make straight forward progress I could have them run off and allow myself to get along safely. I'm sure this was the intent, but I was pretty frustrated for a while and it may have been a good idea to create a part of the level that heavily encourages this tactic to teach it to the player. I'm not sure how I'd do that off the top of my head, and I definitely couldn't put it into words here, but I think that would help engage people a lot faster. Or maybe I was just an idiot.

The music and graphics are incredible! I've seen nothing to suggest that more than one person worked on this, so holy crap, great job man! 

All in all, really great and entertaining game!

There's a lot to this game!

I love the art and scale of the game. A lot of content is in this game, which is pretty impressive. The ant enemies are super unique (at least from my experience) and I love how they work. The controls are a bit delayed, but I guess that's the point of a metroidvania

The control controls bothered me a bit. The fact that you can only navigate the main menu with the keyboard when it  recommends to use the gamepad confused me for about 30 seconds. I also wish that you could use the joystick, but that's honestly just a nitpick.

The music was pretty alright! As I was closing out of the game, it annoyed me, but for the entirety of me actually playing the game it was fine. I guess that the music's not bad as long as you're in a flow state.

I love how the save points are actual objects that you have to interact with! I feels kind of satisfying to save using the start button, for some reason.

I will say that I didn't like how the start button resets the game. While I was playing, someone came into the room and I habitually paused to talk to them, losing all of my progress. I feel like if it was a different button, I'd press the start button, go "Oh yeah, this game doesn't pause," and be able to continue playing.

There was one part that struck me as pretty unfair

The fact that you have to make a leap of faith upwards, with snakes punishing you if you fall, strikes me as punishing, not difficult. I also had to reset here when I got stuck in a wall.

These two pictures remind me, I like the spikes! They look very, very painful. I also appreciate how they don't instantly kill you!

I like the buttons that add and remove blocks, it's pretty satisfying to walk over them.

While the ant enemies are super cool, they are also very buggy. One common bug was that they'd get stuck in the wall if they descended into it. Here's what I think could fix this:

(event that causes ant to go down)

startY = y;


(step event)

if y = startY




I feel like something roughly around these lines would be able to keep the ant from being stuck. Would it be flawless? No. Would it keep the ant from freezing? Yes...I think.

While I understand that it is a metroidvania, I found the map unnecessary. This may just be because I didn't get too far into the game, but I never really needed a map. While the map doesn't make the game worse, I still feel like it may not have been a good investment of developer time considering how tricky it probably was. However, I wouldn't be surprised if a map was a requirement for the game jam.

From the screenshots, I see that there's a lot of content that I never got to. It's incredible that there's so much stuff in this game! Even more so that you made multiple backgrounds from what I can tell. I'm very sorry that I didn't play all of it. I'm not a big fan of being lost, which I'm pretty sure is a core part of metroidvanias. 

At some point, I realized that instead of remembering every detail that I liked are disliked,I could just record some footage for you! If it keeps freezing, don't worry. That's just the player. Your game isn't super unstable.

This was a wonderful game with a few very fixable problems. Good job man!

Thank you for commenting! I'm aware of the manual, but I just am not wired to learn like that. I find it very hard to find what I'm looking for, and when I do, I can't seem to pay attention to all of the text. Seeing new functions in action is the only way that I seem to be able to learn, unfortunately.

I really like the concept and I really like the graphics!

However, this game is hard. I'm sure that if I put hours into it I could become an epic Time to Live pro gamer, but usually in the context of a game jam you want a shallower difficulty curve. The fact that you can't change your object's path after you let go was more frustrating than anything else, and it mostly appeared when I unclicked after accidentally dragging the line one tile too far.

Maybe if the game eased you into it more smoothly it could work, however I can see how that may conflict with the theme. A separate practice mode would probably be a good solution. 

But again, if I was able to pick up this game easier, I'm sure it would be a very enjoyable experience with a very nice aesthetic. 

The concept is really cool and it fits with the theme!

However, the mechanics of the game are pretty obtuse and it would definitely be best if there was a bit of explanation as to how to play the game. Once you do figure out what you're supposed to do, it's still a rather stressful game where every tiny progression requires a very large amount of clicking accuracy. On top of all of that, it's an infinite game where you're destined to lose.

While I obviously don't have as intimate a grasp on this game as you do, maybe there could have been a way to move without getting rid of most of your mass, with a great emphasis placed on tricky enemies to avoid. And instead of getting a high score, the goal of the game could be to achieve a certain mass or to eliminate all of  the enemies.

I'm sorry if this seems a bit harsh, but I feel like some impressive and interesting mechanics aren't being used to their maximum potential here.

Really cool!

I love the art and music. Old men with mustaches and tophats are always the best protagonists. The music is suitably nightmarish and the visuals are quite visceral.

The movement never felt too unwieldy, and there was a weird...stick to the ground satisfaction whenever I landed on a platform. It's hard to describe. Even though the game page didn't say that I could make my guy kneel, I was able to figure it out through the level design which was cool.

I will say that I would have preferred to have space as the jump button. While it wasn't actively difficult, figuring out which button to press for jumping and which button to press for shooting wasn't as instantaneous as it should be in any  game.  

I like how you were able to make varied enemies by changing elevation and health, even though they had the same basic code. The fact that there's checkpoints is always a huge plus!

The way the whole level was designed confused me a tiny bit. I was under the impression that you could only win by collecting all of the blue things. I probably would have been a big more engaged if I knew that all I had to do was reach the end with the option of going back for the blue things later.

All in all, very impressive game with a lot of polish and a few slight problems!

Alright, I think that the problem was that I wasn't in fullscreen mode. It works perfectly fine there.

I will say that the movement is OK in some places. The jump is rather responsive and has some leeway. Nothing in this game really has uumph to it. I know it's made in two days, but there is zero feedback on anything. Killing enemies isn't satisfying, they just disappear when you walk into them. Other than the fact that you could probably beat this game in five minutes, I don't really see how it fits the theme. Another problem is that when I beat the second level, nothing happened. So I ended up beating it a few more times before giving up. It's very important that your game ends. You don't have to make a big cutscene, just having the screen show "Good Job." before automatically quitting the game is better than nothing.

I do like the idea of having to backstab everybody, and with a bit more experience a game like this could be really cool!

You can't go wrong with a game like this. However, the health, timer, and score that I see in the screenshot is cut off by the top of the screen. I can just make out the bottom half of the hourglass. I don't know if this is a problem with my computer or a problem with the game itself, but hopefully you can fix that. Feel free to message me if this is new to you and you need more information.

Oh, I'm just referring to the expansive world deep with lore.

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Thanks for the diagram!

I would definitely recommend using a system that goes with the established control scheme. Since most of the other functions involve only the mouse's left click, a lot of people may struggle to realize what they have to do.

EDIT: OK the tutorial voice was very happy with me and said that I did everything perfectly. But I still exploded. Is that the cannon ending?

I'd like to finish the game. How do you turn right heading 3?

Mostly fun, but very confusing.

When I first started playing this, I was really enjoying it! I thought that I had to manage the four different variables until five minutes passed. It was fun, tense, and had me completely focused. But then the timer just stopped at one and I realized I was supposed to do something else. However, I cannot for the life of me decipher what "Turn right heading 3" means. I clicked on everything that I could see and nothing would work. The landing gear wouldn't go up on that crooked path and the flaps didn't seem to do anything. I must have spent ten minutes figuring out what I was supposed to do and failing. Also, this is relatively minor, but the quit button doesn't work either.

This game was really fun when I knew what I was supposed to do, so a little bit more transparency could make this a great game!

Very funny concept, great art considering everything else, I want to explore this world more in several sequels/prequels (preferably prequels).

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This game had relatively impressive art. While it's obviously not super detailed, there is a large variety of sprites used, and I'm impressed how many sprites you must have made for the pretty short boulder pushing section. The second puzzle with the colors was a very smart concept that must have been pretty hard to design. I will say that the music did get repetitive. However, it took a very long time to get repetitive proportional to its length. The puzzles are all easy to figure out without the use of text or any intrusive tutorials, which is always nice! 

But I did have a few problems. For one thing, I'd probably make the timer more prevalent. In the game it's tiny and often up against blocks of a similar color. So even when I was actively looking at it, it would sometimes be hard to make out what it said. In a game like this, the timer should be inducing panic into the player. In its current state, however, it's more of a surprise when you run out of time.

While I did like the color puzzle, going back through it was incredibly frustrating. I'd keep running into the same malicious area towards the right of the room where it's impossible to go down through it. Every time I wanted to do anything, I'd have to undo something else that I needed to do. To make this problem much, much worse, the movement does not complement the gameplay at all. It's so slippery. There were multiple occasions where I kind of had it figured out, but then the tip of my hair would clip a square and ruin it, forcing me to backtrack carefully. If this was an intentional way to make this a rage game, that's fine. However, it should be apparent that this is a rage game from the beginning instead of having a massive difficulty spike right at the end. I apologize if you didn't realize how much harder the trip back was.

While it may seem like this is mostly complaints, I find it a lot easier to write about stuff that I feel could be improved than writing about stuff that I just liked. There is a lot of good in this game and a lot to be impressed about. Tweak the controls, change the timer to be moderately big in the top center of the screen, and add a few more possible routes back through the color maze and this could be a very fun little adventure!

I really enjoyed this game!

The mechanics fit the theme perfectly and were perfect for a puzzle game. And despite its simplicity, the mechanics had a bit of nuance in their specifics that made things interesting. 

I also really liked the level design. No puzzle felt out of order, the difficulty curve was perfect. 

My only real problems are that the skin is sometimes a bit too small to see the entire area you have to work with. I think that it's fine to just zoom out a tiny bit.

It's also weird how the game just goes back to level one immediately after your win. You still have a lot of time to have a menu screen and a victory screen. While, trust me, I know that it's incredibly tedious and annoying to implement these, it's still good to build that discipline in your projects.

All in all, remarkably solid! 

To anybody concerned, I'll update everyone on how things are going.

Right off the bat, there were a lot of optimistic thoughts that I had to cut to both fit the tone of the game and because I thought it was getting too long. 

Also, this is how I the time. Making this game allowed me to really examine myself, and I've realized that I am actually a lot nicer of a person than I thought I was. Obviously I still need a lot of work, but I'm not the emotionless sociopath I portrayed myself as.

I definitely needed to make this game, and I can confidently say that this has really helped me.

Not spider legs. Human legs that move like spider legs.

This is the most disturbing game I have ever played. 

The ambiance is disturbing. The movement is disturbing. Everything is disturbing. It feels like I'm a Silent Hill monster stuck in purgatory, forced to jump after cakes until I go insane from isolation and despair.

That being said, it's rather impressive. While the controls are weird, I think that  this was made in a 2D engine and am impressed because of that. 

I stopped playing at the Upside Down level. On my first several attempts, I was able to make the first jump fine. But then, I just couldn't. I made maybe 20 jumps and I couldn't make that first one.

I love the title and the game page. However, I will say that the white on white made my eyes hurt after a while.

I liked what I could access!

While I don't have anybody to play this with, I can imagine it being frantic and fun.

I just gotta say that I freakin' love the sound effects.

Well polished as always!

I love the music and I personally think that the art style is a lot better than last time. This kind of reminds me of Sort the Court, which has an art style I love. 

It's kind of simple, but it's hard to make a point and click adventure game in a week, as they're 90% content. 

I like the doggos a lot. More doggos in the future please.

Very well polished!

I loved the music, and while it was only a few seconds long, it looped very well! I also loved how the animations were timed to it. I am a very big fan of how the girl stabs herself in the face if you mess up.

I guess I'd add in a few more buttons to make the game more challenging. Other than that, it's very solid.

Really tense while it lasting!

I love the cake's design. It is so fucked up and horrifying. I know that you probably didn't have the time for it, but I think that it would have been cool if the legs were a bit more...spidery in their movements. A lot more scuttery. I also love the incredibly open ended and ominous "But the cake escaped..."

This may sound weird, but I feel like the player can do too much stuff. I'm no horror game expert, but usually I'm most scared when I have no idea where the monster is. So instead of that E mechanic, I'd focus on making the cake's footsteps get louder the closer you are to it. It think that would make the game a lot scarier. 

I'm also not sure why there's a jump button, as there's nothing to jump over or on. I'm guessing that's just a part of the engine. If it's not, I wouldn't have added it. Even though jumping doesn't add a mechanical benefit for this game, I feel like having the player more stuck to the ground would make them feel more confined, which is good for a horror game.

But yeah, really fun game!

Very cool idea!

I really like how the monster had physics that caused the cake to bounce if it didn't hit his mouth. It never felt frustrating and it was strangely satisfying to lose.  I like how it rewards more points based on the speed you gave the cake, as it really adds a lot of strategy to it. (I got a 328). 

There's nothing here I can really say needs work. I guess...more stuff?

Wow, I have a lot to say about this one!

First off, yes, I did love it. Don't worry about that.

There were a lot of things here that I could really admire. The variable jumping was very nice, the camera was smooth, you made, what, four music tracks? I loved how all of the powerups came together in the final section. It made me feel like the most badass blue rectangle, especially when paired with that last bit of music. 

There are a few things I felt could be improved. For one,  your platformer doesn't have any of the leeway time that makes most platformers feel smooth. Here's a video on some of the techniques that make a platformer a lot more user friendly. It's helped me a lot. (I will warn you that this guy can be pretty energetic and uses some (his own words) "Harsh and provocative language" but his advice is very useful.)

While I do love the checkpoint system, there were multiple times where I'd press spacebar a fraction of a second too late and just run off the edge. This led to me respawning right on said edge, which would immediately lead to me falling off and dying a second time. To fix this, I'd either

1. Make the checkpoint a few pixels behind wherever you died, dependent on the player's last direction.  So if you're facing right when you jump/fall off, the checkpoint is a few pixels more left than normal and vice versa.

2. Add a slight delay to respawning so the player knows that they should stop pressing the move button to not fall off.

I'm not too sure how I feel about the lives system. On one hand, it's a rather archaic and frustrating system, but the level is very much so designed around it so I don't really think it could be changed for this project.

Other than that, wonderful game! 

I'll be honest....that was fucking terrifying.  I can't play this. It seems like a  great game, but I'm a bit too much of a pansy. I didn't really experience a lot of content. However, I will say that maybe the sound effects should be turned down a bit while the woman is talking. I found it a bit hard to hear. I probably wouldn't have found it as scary if I knew that I was going to be chased by something. I mean, if you're trying to scare people then nothing needs to be changed there. So good job!

This seems fun and all, and while I don't have anybody else to play it with, I can imagine that this would be a very fun time.

However, player two can't move up. W doesn't do anything. I'd definitely fix that.

I think that everything works fine, but there are a few problems regarding how the game can be somewhat confusing.

- The way the game window works is weird. The game doesn't fit the screen, so resizing the window lets you see more of the game and vice versa. But this doesn't apply vertically, so you can't fullscreen it, you have to stretch the game across the width of your monitor and it looks very strange.

- The timing between blowing up wasn't very obvious at first. I think that this was made worse by the fact that when you stretch the screen,  it can take a solid second to look to the right of the screen, mentally receive the data, and then look back. This makes it a lot harder to perform things perfectly.

- I feel like the difference between just pushing the piranhas away and actually scaring them off could also have been explained during that how to play screen. 

I know that there were a lot of negatives, but it's important that you work on this stuff for the future. I hope to see some more great games from you in the future.

Man there's a lot to love here!

For one thing, the art. Fucking bombastic. Everything was so nice looking and from what I could see, it looks like you did it all yourself!?!? How?

The movement was weird but strangely intuitive and easy to get used to.  It was a very fun shock when I first saw the warlock flying at me.

Speaking of which, that part of the opening was so cool! I loved the way he appeared and how the sound effects just drew louder and louder until it just cuts to the game.

The game's short, but with art like this, who gives a fuck?

I do have a few things that could be improved.

- The writing. I understand that when people go into game development, nobody's thinking "I can't wait to use and hone my writing skills!" I also understand that the novelty of putting text in a videogame can make it seem better than text that you just wrote down. But still, it could use some work. I'm no writer myself, and I don't have a good enough memory to cite specific examples and how they could be improved. So I'll give you a big and vague "Work on it."  and maybe a "Do some research to see if that helps."

Also, microscopically small nickpick, I feel like the shooting stars occur just a bit too often. It think that they would be more special if they only occurred every once in a while. This would probably just take a small tweaking of the numbers.

Anyways, the art and programming seems to be perfect from what I found. This is a remarkably solid game on all relevant fronts. The only problems are the small ones I just mentioned, and they only concern stuff that really isn't too important to the core gameplay.

Pretty great, but has a few flaws.

Firstly, the music. I'm aware that making music is incredibly difficult when all you care about is making games. Hell, I've never made music for a game in my life. However, it's very important not to have a two second loop. No matter how you make it, any song with a melody will immediately be jarring if it repeats every two seconds. The other thing is that the song restarts constantly. It restarts every time you die, change menus, and beat a level. I'm sure that you can easily fix this by looking up some tutorials online!

Other than that, not too much I can criticize regarding the gameplay itself. It's straightforward, solid, and engaging.

Also, this is the first game jam game with a title that made me laugh. I absolutely love that title.