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Very cool game

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Hey guys there is a problem with dowload both on Steam and here - just tried it. 
Here - after clicking download (win64 and 32) nothing's happening.
On Steam - similar. After completing download (0 Kb/s) it says there is a problem with some files. 
Adblocks are off.

Wow, thanks for that explanation. Didn't expect the game is at THAT early stage.
However I get back to it every time i get back from work. I remember few years ago I was wondering when someone's gonna make Blacksmith Simulator - and voille'a! Here we go. 
Thanks Kurzidan!

Is it only me getting crates that don't show the option to close? 
I grabbed it and was heading for the mine, then the option appeared. I said to myself that I can open it in the cave, no reason to do it in an open useless field. But when I went in the cave, there was no option of closing/opening crate.