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thanks! Mikhail Sudakov would be nice. 

Also I found a bug. If you start walking left on earth and then stop, "left walking" animation will be active forever.

And one more think - can you please consider adding "Nearest Neighbour" filter to your game? The basic bilinear filter don't look so good.

Hi, Steve! On newer macOS (like Big Sur and Monterey) old method isn't working anymore, but here's how to run your game (I just modified one part of readme.txt, you can just replace the text):

## Running on a Mac

Since the app is not signed for a Mac (I don't even have a Mac), it shows "Application from unidentified developer" or even "Application is damaged and cannot Be opened" on first start. Try to open you game with Ctrl+Right Click and then Open. If it's not helping, open Terminal, enter "sudo xattr -cr /Path/To/" and then open your game.

More details here: and here:


Unfortunately, no.

I tried all know methods to run "unathorized" apps and only one worked for me: 

1. Start Terminal

2. Enter sudo spctl --master-disable

3. Conform it by entering my password

4. Right click on Saboteur 3D, then click Show contents. Then open Contents / MacOS and double click on Saboteur 3D.

5. Game runs or ask for Open and then runs.

But it's working for me on my Mac and not working on my GF's Mac.

But all previous games including Laser Squad are working just fine. Kinda strange.

For some reason macOS version doesn't work even with Ctrl+Right click. It still says something about damaged file.

Kinda sorta. But with ability to rotate camera maybe, with zoom and human framerate ) Just a suggestion! I think this kind of remakes can be very popular among Spectrum users.

Nice! But perhaps the camera should be placed even further. By the way, is it possible to make fixed camera mode? Like pseudo-isometric view?

Oh, great! Gonna wait for it then. By the way, idea of 3d-person Exolon is also great. What kind of 3rd person? Side view or from behind? So the only problem is animation? Maybe you can ask user for help? it's a long shot, but still.


Nice as always. By the way, if you've already made all these levels, did you consider to make third person mode? I mean, mode which on first sight looks more or less like original, but you can rotate and move camera?

Nice! More levels?

Works like a charm although you app named Exolon again )

That's an unexpected one! macOS version please? I can test it of course.

You're welcome!

Works like magic, thanks! Of course it shows "Application from unidentified developer" at first start (like many apps without Apple certificate, I suppose), so maybe you need to add some kind of instruction to open you game with Ctrl+Right Click and then Open. Or just add a link to this article:

Regarding "another FPS" - I feel you, of course. But I think Exolon is more than just walking on straight line and shooting ) I think rocket launcher, shooting color balls, teleports, turrets, exoskeleton suit etc - it all creates Exolon-like atmosphere. Anyways, looking for full version of this game and another games.

Oh, by the way, is it possible to add self shadow? Because it's very hard to pass through ground traps without it.

That's nice! Is it possible to make macOS version? I can test it, of course.

And by the way, do you consider to make some kind of modern FPS remake or even sequel? With new graphics, no so "linear" levels etc?

Like, I don't know, Duke Nukem 3D after Duke Nukem II?