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"Best 3 minutes of your life." Queue the love song!

I had no idea what I was doing, but loved every minute of it!

Hey there, I added this page link and your kickstarter link to my video description. Can't wait to see the full game for sure!

Empires of the Undergrowth - For The Queen!

Heroes of Andromeda Part 2 - The Unhappy Lava Planet

Just gonna spam my video links here for a few episodes lol. I do plan to record to the end, and I don't get to do that very often with Indie games. Feels good.

Here's a link to part 3 - The Last Light Part 3 Final - A Tragic End

I also added a review of the game on my blog.

I really struggled for a while until I finally got the Spider Mk-1. I compare it to a shotgun, which is my favorite gaming weapon lol. I'm having even more fun now that I have that ship though.

This game... I love it! I'm currently making this into a mini series on my youtube channel.

The Last Light Part 2 - Feeling A Bit Stuck?

I hope you guys and gals passed, because you deserve it! It was an amazing game and I have faith every one of you will become a vital asset to whatever company you end up in, or if you go out on your own that you will make awesome games.

The Last Light Part 1:Smoke Monster from Lost?


-Very good graphics, everything ran smoothly.

-Having to turn off the flashlight and be in pitch black darkness while recharging added to the creepy factor.


-Minor conflicts with the flashlight disappearing into the walls.

-Sophie's voice was a bit hard to hear at times.

It really is a great game overall, and I can't wait to get back to recording the other two parts. Good job!

I am loving this game, and still working on a mini series for my channel. I'll leave a link if you don't mind :)

Pools of Creation - SO FLUFFY!

Nice to see this game over here :) I'll post a link to my video if it's alright.

Devil's Hand - Deviled Ham