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@titanfall You can drink water but first you need to cook it ;) U never would drink salty water in reallife

I get fps lock to 25/30 fps (Windows) and sometimes my fishing rod get's dublicated after I load the save (linux/ Debian)

Debian Notebook Spec.:

12gb DDR3 Ram

Intel Core i5-3360M 2,9Ghz

Nvidia GeForce GT 645M / 2GB vram


Debian based 64bit OS

Windows PC Spec.:

24gb Ram

2x Intel Xeon E7- 8860 V4 2,60Ghz

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G / 8GB vram

500GB SSD + 1tb SSHD

Windows 10 Pro 64bit - v. 1703

Did you try to switch to desktop or simply open the game in Windowed mode?

I actually didn't have this problem on Linux version

awesome story, no bug's on Windows/Linux version and possibility to save :) 10/10

I noticed some compatibility issues with my s7 edge which is running android 7. Every time when I try to install this game I get "package installer has stopped" message but if I try to install it on my another s7 edge with android 6 everything works fine and I'm even able to run it without any problems.

btw. both phones have the same hardware specification and the same model number

My phone Hardware info