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Hi there!

I'm a 3D artist, who has a day job and do 3D art in my spare time (for now). I want to build up a portfolio, so that means, I don't have a real portfolio yet (at the end of this post are some work samples). If this is not a problem for you, here is want I can offer:

What I offer FOR FREE:

  • Modeling: 
    • Zbrush, Maya or Blender (I prefer Zbrush/Maya, not Blender. I can use commercial licenses if that's your concern)
    • Characters, Creatures, Environment or Props
    • High or Low Poly (I don't really care, I might start High poly and do retopology to go lower - depends on the task)
    • Organic or Hard surface (I don't really care, it depends on the task - more details below)
  • Texturing / Shading
    • UV Layouts in Maya, RizomUV and/or Blender
    • Shading in Substance and/or Unreal Engine 4
    • PBR Shading (mostly Metal/Roughness Workflow)

In foreseeable future, I plan to extend my skills also with rigging and animation in Maya and VFX in Houdini and Unreal Engine.

What I look for:

  • An interesting project.
    • I like: 
      • Unreal Engine, Unity Engine, Godot Engine
      • Story-Driven Games
      • Real world, Fantasy, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Horror
      • Actions Adventures like Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Kena Bridge of Spirits
      • Jump'n'Runs like Rachet and Clank, Little Nightmares
    • I don't like:
      • Simulators
      • Survival
      • most Strategy Games
      • very low poly
  • A scope that is doable. Please keep the project manageable - I don't want to wait years until I can proceed to the next project ;)
  • I must be able to use my work for your project in my portfolio, i.e. I like to do either mid/high poly Characters or low/mid/high environments and props. For environments, this needs to be at least a whole level, maybe even including level design.
  • Preferable (not a must-have) your project should include concept art or concept artist! If there is no concept art at all, you must be able to communicate what art style you are looking for and I might do some concept art - that means that it will take longer, because I cannot focus on 3D art alone (and I'm not the greatest in drawing). 
  • A small, but friendly team to have fun with

You can contact me (english/german):
Discord: plywoodpirate#7474

Here are some 3D samples (keep in mind that I want to build a portfolio, so I donot have one yet)
I might update this occasionally.


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Hi, I'm currently trying to develop my portfolio, mainly for 3d modeling and shading, maybe even for rigging and animation. Can you provide an elevator pitch or (even better) anything playable? 

Please feel free to contact me on discord: plywoodpirate#7474, or write me a direct message on, so we can discuss your game and how I may help you. Please mention your username if you contact me via discord 🙂

I can't contact you at discord, cause of your privacy settings. 
If you are still looking for a 3d artist, please write me: plywoodpirate#7474 (language: german or english ;) )