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So even though it was a parody, this actually gave me feelings at the ending because I was enjoying myself and was sad it was going to be over.  I was pretty happy most of the time playing this, from the jokes to the wandering around wondering what surprises would be there - because the surprises here, unlike in even the AAA games, actually were entertaining and creative - to enjoying the visual art design and music choices.  The minimal battle/level design was well done, still managing to give you a sense of tension and excitement due to the high production/entertainment values.  I also enjoy that it was short, polished and fully realized.  So many indie game creators want to make the next Final Fantasy 16 and make some hot garbage instead. I would much rather play a 30 minute pixel art game that I enjoyed every moment of than a 60 hour WANNABE open world game that is devoid of anything fun or truly interesting.  In my experience with people it's always the ones who are self-aware that are the most intelligent and entertaining, and I think you have this quality of self-awareness which really shows in your work.  I came across this from Dunkey's video as did everyone else, probably, but I'd be interested to see what you came up with in the future.  One of the most magical moments I had in this shitty year.

I found this a pretty amusing roast of social media and how we have become so concerned with getting a +1 in a database on some computer in a basement to feel that we are actually being seen and have value to other human beings.  But one critique I have is that this story made my peepee smaller and I don't like that. Please fix it.